BS Dermal Technology






10 Semesters (5 years)


Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate Pre-Medical with minimum 50% marks or equivalent


By the end of the BS Dermal Technology program, graduating health care professionals will be able to:

1. Work as team members in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry in production, quality assurance, marketing and research of skin care products

2. Guide clients regarding skin care and perform noninvasive cosmetics procedures independently

3. Work with Dermatologists as part of a skin care team, in primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare settings, assisting in management of Dermatologic diseases and invasive procedures

4. Pursuit an academic career in allied health sciences undergraduate programs

5. Contribute in promoting a research culture by conducting and publishing good quality research


1. Cosmetic scientist

2. Cosmetologist

3. Physician associate

4. Teacher

5. Researcher

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ISL-101 Islamic Studies 2(2-0)
ETH-100 Ethics (for non-Muslims) 2(2-0)
ENG-107 Functional English 3(3-0)
GEN-105 Creative Arts 2(2-0)
ANA-101 Anatomy 3(2-1)
PHSL-102 Physiology 3(2-1)
BIO-101 Biochemistry 3(2-1)
ISL-103 Teachings of Holy Quran-I NC
  Credit Hours 16

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GEN-104 Ideology and constitution of Pakistan 2(2-0)
CS-102 Applications of Information and Communication Technologies 3(2-1)
ENG-108 Expository Writing 3(3-0)
CHEM-102 Organic Chemistry 3(3-0)
DMS-211 Structure & Function of Skin 3(2-1)
DMS-111 Community & Nutritional Dermatology 3(3-0)
ISL-104 Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation II NC
  Credit Hours 17

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GEN-302 Patient Care 2(2-0)
GEN-202 Environmental Studies 3(2-1)
GEN-206 Entrepreneurship 2(2-0)
PSY-201 Psychology 3(3-0)
PHARM-201 Pharmacology 3(2-1)
DMS-213 Cosmetic Sciences-I (Fundamentals) 3(3-0)
ISL-201 Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation-III NC
  Credit Hours 16

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
STAT-302 Biostatistics 3(3-0)
GEN-203 Community Service Learning 2(2-0)
GEN-310 Research Methodology 3(3-0)
PAT-203 Pathology (Pathophysiology of Skin Diseases) 3(2-1)
DMS-312 Cosmetic Sciences-II (Manufacturing of Cosmetic Formulations) 3(2-1)
DMS-313 Infections and Infestations 3(2-1)
ISL-202 Teachings of Holy Quran -IV NC
  Credit Hours 17

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DMS-314 Adverse Effects of Cosmetics and Drugs 3(3-0)
DMS-315 Dermatology and Internal Medicine 3(3-0)
DMS-316 Cosmetic Sciences-III (Legislation of Cosmetic Products /Dispensing) 3(2-1)
DMS-317 Inflammatory Skin Diseases 3(3-0)
DMS-415 Skin Care in All Ages 2(2-0)
DMS-418 Perfumery 2(2-0)
  Credit Hours 16

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DMS-410 Hair, Nails and Mucosal Disorders 3(3-0)
DMS-412 Cosmetic Sciences-IV (Chemical Analysis and Stability) 3(2-1)
DMS-414 Disorders of Pigmentation 3(2-1)
DMS-416 Research Proposal 2(0-2)
DMS-417 Psychosocial Impact of Skin Disease and Health Economics 2(2-0)
DMS-518 Wound management 3(2-1)
  Credit Hours 16


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GEN-401 Internship 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours 03

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DMS-411 LASERS in Aesthetics-I 4(0-4)
GEN-402 Research Project 3(0-3)
DMS-512 Supervised Skincare Practice I 3(1-2)
DMS-513 Cosmetic Procedures I 5(0-5)
  Credit Hours 15

Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
DMS-511 LASERS in Aesthetics II 4(0-4)
DMS-516 Supervised Skincare Practice II 4(0-4)
DMS-517 Cosmetic Procedures II 6(0-6)
  Credit Hours 14
  Total Credit Hours 130