Fee Policy Of Tuf

Tuf Fee Policy

This policy is applicable to students, parents/guardians and staff who are involved in dealing with financial matters.

Fee Categories

Student will be charged fee in following categories at rates prescribed from time to time by the Finance and Planning Committee.

  • Security

    A refundable security (once only) will be charged at the time of admission. Any amount recoverable from the student will be adjusted against security at the time of with drawl/passing out of the student.


    A non-refundable admission fee (once only) will be charged at the time of admission from the student being admitted in any discipline.


    Document verification fee (once only) will be charged from student at the time of admission for verification of certificate/ degree.

      Semester fee includes:
    • Tuition Fee
    • Semester Registration Fee
    • Examination Fee

    Semester fee will be received in advance before the commencement of each semester


    Hostel fee will be charged annually from the students availing the boarding and lodging facility of the University. However, under special circumstances, semester wise or monthly hostel fee may be charged.


    Semester fee includes:

    • Regular degree
    • Degree in absentia
    • Graduate directory fee
    • Transcript for any number of semester
    • Duplicate/ revised transcript
    • Result card for any number of semester
    • Provisional certificate
    • Duplicate provisional certificate
    • Duplicate registration card
    • Duplicate student identity card
    • Duplicate admit card
    • Fine for not depositing student identity card while leaving the university
    • Remarking of answer book
    • Certificates
    • Migration/no objection certificate
    • Character certificate
    • To whom it may concern
    • Bonafied certificate
    • Language proficiency certificate
    • HEC degree attestation letter
    • Attestation from the University
    • Original documents in sealed envelopes of the university i.e., transcript, degree or certificates
    • Verification charges
    • Duplicate/ revised degree

    Semester fee will be received in advance before the commencement of each semester


    Fee structure of each degree program is approved by the Board of Governors on the recommendations of Finance and Planning Committee for each session.


    Applicant, who receive an offer of admission are required to pay their dues prior to commencement of classes as per the announced schedule in order to secure their admission. The applicant who does not pay his/her dues within due date will forfeit his/her right of admission.

Procedure of Fee Payment
  • Semester fee will be received in advance.

  • All fee payments will be made according to the notified schedule.

  • All cheques will be presented in bank on due date as per the schedule.

  • Student desirous of paying fee in cash will collect fee challan from accounts department for fee deposit in designated bank before one week of due date. Cheques of such student will be returned to them accordingly.

  • If a fee challan is lost by the student, he/she will have to pay a fine of Rs 50/- for duplicate fee challan.

  • Fee Extension:
    • Student unable to pay fee by due date may apply for extension one week before the due date. Extension can be granted uptil one day before the commencement of classes on payment of late fee fine as per policy.
    • Cheque of student applied for extension will be hold till the decision is communicated to the student.
    • Cheque dishonor policy will be applied on the student availing extension in fee deposit but could not submit fee by the date (approved after extension).
  • Fee Installment:

    Fee can be paid in installments after the approval of admission committee.

Late Fee Fine

In case a student fails to pay his/her dues by the specified date, late fee fine will be charged as under:-

# Period Fine (Rs)
1 Within 10 days after due date 500/-
2 After 10 Days 2,000/-
3 After one month 5,000/-

Late fee fine for applicant of scholarship/ financial aid will not be charged upto 10 days from the date of decision in which scholarship/ financial aid has been granted or rejected. After 10 days late fee fine shall be charged as per above schedule.

Withdrawal from Academic Program

Student withdrawing from degree program is required to submit the student's clearance form to Registrar Office. Students who do not follow the process will not be eligible for any refund of fee or security.

Change of Program of studies

Student will be entitled to change degree program once in an academic career and within two weeks of commencement of classes. In case of change of degree program, student will be required to pay fee of new degree program and replace all post dated cheques accordingly.

Semester Extension

If duration of study in MS, MPhil & PhD programs is extended due to any reason, fee for that period shall be charged (semester wise) as per his/her last semester fee.

Refund Policy

University/Hostel security will be refundable within two years after issuance of final result notification but after final fee clearance. However competent authority may condone the late submission of application for refund of security.

If a student withdraws from the academic program, following refund policy of HEC adopted by TUF will be applicable:

Application Date Amount to be Refunded
Within 7 days of commencement of classes or joining of classes (incase student is admitted late). Full tuition fee will be refunded
From 8th to 15th day of commencement of classes 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded
After 15th day of commencement of classes No refund

Full fee of a student who is not promoted to next semester (for which the fee is paid) will be refundable.

Fee refund will be applicable from the date of submission of withdrawal application to Registrar Office.

Fee of the running semester will not be refundable if student is expelled / suspended due to disciplinary reason(s) during the semester.

Advance Income Tax Under Section 236(1) of Income Tax Ordinance,2001

As per tax rule university shall collect advance tax (on behalf of the government) @5% on the entire amount of fee if payable fee exceeds Rs 200,000 per annum.

The parent/guardian is required to provide NTN or CNIC number so that it can be adjusted at the time of income tax return.

The University will issue tax deduction certificate.