Post Graduate


6 Semesters (3 years)


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must have minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 in the semester system) or 60% (in the annual system) in the MS/MPhil/Equivalent, whether such degree was obtained from Pakistani or foreign universities.

ADP Graphic Design

ADP Interior Design

MBA Executive


PhD Optometry

PhD Physics


OPEN 2023



Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-xxx Elective I 3(3+0)
MATH-xxx Elective II 3(3+0)
MATH-xxx Elective III 3(3+0)
  Credit Hours 9

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-xxx Elective IV 3(3+0)
MATH-xxx Elective V 3(3+0)
MATH-xxx Elective VI 3(3+0)
  Credit Hours 9

Semester 3 & 4 (after qualifying comprehensive examination)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-820 Thesis work (Continue) 6(0+6)
  Total Credit Hours 24

List of Elective Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-701 Advanced Functional Analysis 3(3+0)
MATH-702 Advanced Ring Theory-I 3(3+0)
MATH-703 Advanced Numerical Analysis 3(3+0)
MATH-704 Mathematical Techniques for Boundary Value Problems 3(3+0)
MATH-705 Advanced Real Analysis 3(3+0)
MATH-706 Advanced Fluid Dynamics 3(3+0)
MATH-707 Advanced Partial Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-708 Advanced Graph Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-709 Advanced Fuzzy Graph Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-710 Advanced Fuzzy System 3(3+0)
MATH-711 Perturbation Methods 3(3+0)
MATH-712 Advanced Analytical Dynamics 3(3+0)
MATH-713 Group Theoretic Methods 3(3+0)
MATH-714 Advanced Mathematical Methods 3(3+0)
MATH-715 Topological Vector Spaces 3(3+0)
MATH-716 Algebraic Topology 3(3+0)
MATH-717 Theory of Complex Variables 3(3+0)
MATH-718 Fixed Point Theory and Applications-I 3(3+0)
MATH-719 Fixed Point Theory and Applications-II 3(3+0)
MATH-721 Approximation Theory and Applications 3(3+0)
MATH-722 Field Extensions and Galois Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-723 Algebraic Number Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-724 Measure Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-725 Fourier Analysis 3(3+0)
MATH-726 Semigroup Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-727 Theory of LA-Semigroups 3(3+0)
MATH-728 Advanced Ring Theory-II 3(3+0)
MATH-729 Theory of Group Actions 3(3+0)
MATH-730 Theory of Group Graphs 3(3+0)
MATH-731 Rough set theory and its Applications 3(3+0)
MATH-732 Fuzzy Logic and Algebra 3(3+0)
MATH-733 Theory of Function Spaces 3(3+0)
MATH-734 Harmonic Analysis 3(3+0)
MATH-735 Spectral Graph Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-736 Advanced Category Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-737 Theory of Locales 3(3+0)
MATH-738 Topological Indices of Chemical Graphs 3(3+0)
MATH-739 Young Tableaux with Applications 3(3+0)
MATH-740 Advanced Riemannian Geometry 3(3+0)
MATH-741 Knot Theory with Applications 3(3+0)
MATH-742 Fuzzy Logic and its Applications 3(3+0)
MATH-743 Analysis of Algorithms 3(3+0)
MATH-744 Advanced Optimization Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-745 Advanced Integral Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-746 Integral Inequalities 3(3+0)
MATH-747 Theory of Splines 3(3+0)
MATH-748 Finite Element Method for Partial Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-749 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3(3+0)
MATH-750 Mathematical Models in Biomathematics 3(3+0)
MATH-751 Fuzzy Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-752 Advanced Finite Element Analysis 3(3+0)
MATH-753 Financial Mathematics-I 3(3+0)
MATH-754 Financial Mathematics-II 3(3+0)
MATH-755 Stochastic Calculus-I 3(3+0)
MATH-756 Stochastic Calculus-II 3(3+0)
MATH-757 Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis 3(3+0)
MATH-758 Enumerative Combinatorics 3(3+0)
MATH-759 Symmetries and Exact Solutions of Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-760 Mathematical Analysis of Heat Transfer 3(3+0)
MATH-761 Heat and Mass Transfer 3(3+0)
MATH-762 Advanced Perturbation Methods 3(3+0)
MATH-763 Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 3(3+0)
MATH-764 Plasma Theory-I 3(3+0)
MATH-765 Plasma Theory-II 3(3+0)
MATH-766 Modeling and Simulation 3(3+0)
MATH-767 Advanced Operation Research 3(3+0)
MATH-768 Mathematical Modeling-I 3(3+0)
MATH-769 Mathematical Modeling-II 3(3+0)
MATH-770 Advanced Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-771 Theory of Difference Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-772 Advanced Topics in Dynamical Systems 3(3+0)
MATH-773 General Relativity-I 3(3+0)
MATH-774 General Relativity-II 3(3+0)
MATH-775 Fluid Dynamics 3(3+0)
MATH-776 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-777 Advanced Heat Transfer 3(3+0)
MATH-778 Momentum and Thermal Boundary Layer Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-779 Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-780 Group Analysis of Partial Differential Equations 3(3+0)
MATH-781 Convective Heat Transfer: Viscous Fluids 3(3+0)
MATH-782 Advanced Group Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-783 Advanced Modules Theory 3(3+0)
MATH-784 Advanced Topological Groups 3(3+0)
MATH-785 Advanced Differential Topology 3(3+0)
MATH-786 Commutative Rings 3(3+0)
MATH-787 Cryptography 3(3+0)
MATH-788 Semi ring 3(3+0)
MATH-789 Near ring 3(3+0)
MATH-790 Theory of loop groups 3(3+0)
MATH-791 Research Methodology 3(3+0)


Elective may be offered from the list attached depending on the availability of resources of the department.