Student Affairs Office


Office of Student Affairs plays a vital role in providing support to students by leading and administrating overall functions of student counseling and discipline. The Office of Student Affairs provides various opportunities for leadership development to not only produce graduates and scholars but also improve quality of student life. This office promotes social sustainability, entrepreneurship, student wellness, quality on-campus residence, financial assistance, employability and flexible learning opportunities through different forums and societies.

Facilitation of co-curricular and recreational, sports, cultural and literary activities is another responsibility of the office which aims to encourage students to pursue their passions and enhance their skill.

The affairs of the office include but are not limited to the following:

  • Student Support and Wellness
  • Sports and Recreational Activities
  • Students’ Societies
  • Recruitment Opportunities and Internships
  • Scholarships
  • Financial Assistance
  • Student Discipline and Code of Conduct
  • Student Accommodation
  • Student Exchange Programme
  • Students’ Career Counselling

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