Centre of Intelligent Systems


Centre of Intelligent Systems at The University of Faisalabad (CIS@TUF) has taken the initiative to build a truly smart campus by utilizing its Intelligent and Interactive Connected (I2C) System Technology based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing techniques. CIS@TUF comprises of a multidisciplinary team of renowned academicians and professionals having experience and exposure of internationally renowned universities and organizations. This is the first initiative at such scale in Pakistan.

CIS@TUF aims to improve various aspects of student and faculty experience in conventional campus environment which include energy and resource conservation, student services enhancement, mitigating compliance mistakes, reducing human errors and automating systems and workflows.

Keeping in mind above issues, CIS@TUF has developed following technologies at prototype level for smart campus management.

  • AI based dynamic pricing scheme for campus DC micro-grid design with renewable energy resources.
  • Autonomous Deep Neural Network based Robot for
    • Campus auto-disinfection
    • Documents auto-delivery
    • auto-surveillance
  • IoT based Campus Smart Waste, solar and battery management system
  • Low cost solar based Electric Vehicle Design
  • Learning management system with smart classrooms having biometric attendance and Augmented Reality (AR) based demonstration systems.
  • Single integrated student ID card that automates all processes on the campus like time table, attendance, book issue/return, dues collection etc. for better efficiency and lower costs.