Educational Radio Channel FM 96.6 was launched on October 9, 2014. This was inaugurated by Honorable Imam Bin Hussain Bin Ali Zain ul Abidin, Khadam Rozae- Rasool Madina-tul-Munawrah. It broadcasts various programs concerning health, education, social welfare, recreation, sports, and many other subjects. Eminent scholars, professionals, and academic staff of the University deliver talks related to their fields of specialization. The participation of the students in the form of their interviews concerning education and sports activities are relayed regularly. Students are encouraged to take part in these programs.


Wave FM 96.6 is the Educational FM Radio Network that is operating across Faisalabad District. Wave FM 96.6 is leader of the industry in providing high quality contents in terms of Education, Music, News, and Entertainment. Wave FM 96.6 always strives to achieve its objectives by creating content that is Education, entertaining, as well informative and delivers its content in multi languages: Urdu and English ensuring that local flavor is always maintained. Wave FM 96.6 has very high interaction with its listeners via text messages, live and off air calls, and a active presence on Facebook.

Wave FM 96.6 First Educational Channel that is operating across Faisalabad District
Mission: to engage, to Educate, inform and to Entertain,
Vision: :Become the voice of the listeners in the broadcast areas.
Values: Modernity, Respect and Creativity,

The programs broadcast from Wave FM 96.6 is contended seventy percent of Education and thirty percent of other issues like Community problems, special interviews, morning shows, talk shows, sports and other events. Most of the programs are produced for this specific age group (from 13 to 60 years).Coverage area. Faisalabad City, Chak Jhumra, Jaranwala , Tandlianwala , Samundri Areas. chiniot, dijkot,

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Everything is getting digital as well as education and FM96.6 is always worked up to the mark to make learning possible for everyone. Informative talks with professional and providing students information while sitting at home and sharing knowledge that will help the students to get to know what they are doing and what they can learn.

Career counseling through the show like “Progressive Pakistan” where professionals and educationists from every filed of life come up with guidance for the new generation’s, how to choose and excel in their field and what change you can bring to the society?




Wave FM 96.6 works as instrumental channels to communicate and raise awareness to enlighten the Importance of education for people on social issues. Our shows and programs aim to highlight the Importance of education, which enriches culture, spiritual values, and everything that characterizes us as human beings.


Wave FM 96.6 broadcasts awareness and discussion about climate and environmental issues because it is a vital part of our lives. The programs cover topics related to maintaining the planet's sustainability and protecting the health and security of animals, plants, and humans.


Equity and Inclusion remain at the center of Wave FM96.6’s values. We are committed seeks to ensure fair treatment, equality of opportunity, and fairness in access to information and resources for all. Every person’s voice adds value, and we strive to create balance in the face of power differences. We believe this is only possible in an environment built on respect and dignity.

COVID - 19

Due to an increase in pandemic covid-19 cases, FM 96.6 arranges awareness campaigns and broadcasts current news to make people update and provide guidance about preventing themselves from this fatal disease. The purpose is to facilitate people with accurate knowledge and information through well-known doctors and experts.