The University of Faisalabad is the best arena for a learning environment like no one other. We have a welcoming environment with a serene atmosphere; that's why there is alive spirit and vitality in every corner of our campuses. Exceptional facilities at TUF ensure students make the most of their time on campus.

Following facilities are being provided at TUF:


The University of Faisalabad promotes participation in various physical, intellectual, athletic and recreational activities, providing students with opportunities to engage in the activities of their choice at various skill levels. Mentioned below are societies to help students in becoming well-rounded individuals:

  • Academia-Industry Linkages society
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computing Society
  • Art and culture society
  • Sport society
  • Islamic Philosophical Society
  • Literary society
  • Publication Society
  • Photography society
  • Rehabilitation Society
  • Entrepreneurship society
  • Community and linkages society
  • Dramatic Society
  • Archery society
TUF Campus


TUF maintains a secure environment, providing a 24 hour, 365 days year high alert security staff, latest video surveillance system to keep watch over a diverse assortment of the campus community. From dormitories and sports complexes to libraries and classes, we follow a long way to ensure the safety of students.

TUF Campus


Student affairs ensure latitude and peaceful interactions for every student. Possessing the oversight for judging exchanges, discrete administration specialists administer the rules for behaviour, organize community activities for students, including educational or extracurricular activities, negotiate about any problem faced by students, and maintain strict intramural discipline for a peaceful and harmonious student living environment.

TUF Campus


All lecture halls are equipped with interactive digital podiums connected to multimedia and a 24-hour electricity and internet supply with solar backup, providing the perfect advanced venue to accomplish the mission of demonstration outreach.

TUF Campus


The University of Faisalabad has up-to-date labs relevant to all fields of studies, including engineering, medical and computer sciences, having all essential facilities/equipment for learning.

TUF Campus


The Library is far beyond a repository of knowledge. For students, TUF provides a service center that hones students' experience of learning, polish their academic skills, critical thinking and strengthen the bond between students and their strive for flourishing in academics.

Libraries at Tuf have modern decor designed by most exemplary architecture. Furthermore,28000+ printed up-to-date books and manuscripts, 5000+ unique electronic journals,8000+ electronic books, digital kiosks, wifi and the latest learning technology and computers are available in libraries to make the learning environment relaxing and reflective for students.

TUF Campus


Well-furnished, centrally air-conditioned auditorium and seminar halls occupy a central place in the University. These have a venue with a large seating capacity for conferences, seminars and declamation contests.

lectures and other functions. The auditoriums are equipped with the latest multimedia, overhead projectors and sound systems. These may also act as a base for organizing events, demonstrations and student movements.

Decently furnished state-of-the-art conference rooms with inbuilt systems are well-equipped for organizing training programs,meetings, and workshops with a smaller number of participants.

TUF Campus


In collaboration with TUF, Madinah Teaching Hospital acts as a model institute to alleviate the sufferings of ailing by providing high-quality specialist, preventive, consultancy, diagnostic therapeutic and rehabilitative services. We provide:

  • Affordable medical treatment
  • Free first-aid treatment
  • Information and referrals on medical matters to our students on a substantially reduced cost

Apart from the hospital, the campuses have additional facilities of nutrition office, pediatric/adult gym, occupational and executive rooms, finely organized for patients and student learning.

TUF Campus


The University of Faisalabad facilitates the physical wellbeing of its community through a specifically designed sports complex that presides on campus. Recreational facilities include table tennis, basketball court, cricket ground, indoor badminton court and much more.

TUF Campus


Tuf provides a quiet place for students to reflect and pray during breaks.

TUF Campus


To facilitate female students with a relaxing and comfortable environment, The University of Faisalabad set aside queer space.

TUF Campus


We provide an on-campus gym facility for a handy workout with the latest machinery, free medical monitoring, free nutritional counselling, clean lockers and well-trained trainers. Machinery includes cardiovascular equipment, free and plate-loaded weights, selectorized weights (such as cable-operated weight machines stretching /warm-up/cool-down spaces, and many more.

TUF Campus


The Placement Bureau, Admission office, and Accounts office facilitate the students in working hours.

TUF Campus


The University of Faisalabad has separate blocks for girls and boys hostel with a comfortably-furnished interior with 24 hr electricity supply, water plants, TV rooms, 24x7 wifi connectivity, proper caretakers and housekeeping services, strict security system with CCTV cameras, and high quality & cost-effective mess facility.

TUF Campus


Our food catering service has a wide range of quality snacks and meals at modest prices, available throughout the day, which keeps hygienic standards, well-furnished facilities, air conditioning, comfortable modern infrastructure and sitting arrangement.

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Stationary and photocopy shops supply students' academic requirements ranging from books, stationery, art and office gadgets, craft material, TUF souvenirs, uniforms and medical lab coats. The University also runs on-site printing and scanning facilities for the students, addressing their assignment and project requirements.

TUF Campus


The branch of Habib Metropolitan is opened for facilitating the students and employees of the University in making financial transactions. In addition, ATMs are also installed in the University.

TUF Campus


The University of Faisalabad recently added a Music room for students, which contains a Piano, drum kit and a new PA system, with a state of the art digital mixing desk. Moreover, it also has different types of digital mixing decks, several speakers and microphones and a range of guitar amplifiers.

TUF Campus


To meet the parameters of modern facilities for students, The University of Faisalabad built an E-Library for students. This Library will open a research gate for students to get more exposure to research and world publishing data through Kiosk facilities.

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Our instructors manage and enrich learning for students using authenticated online platforms to assist the virtual learning experience by shifting physical teaching patterns onto online digital classrooms in the pandemic.

In addition, TUF offers both synchronous and asynchronous courses where students get pre-recorded lectures to access convenience to overcome the connectivity issue.

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