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MS Risk and Safety Management*

Course Facts
Study Level Study Mode Program Duration Credit Hours

Post Graduate


4 Semesters, 2 years


Eligibility Criteria

BBA or B Com (4 years) with minimum CGPA 2.5 out of 4.00/MBA /M Com or equivalent with minimum CGPA 2.0 out of 4.00 GAT (General)/TUF Entry Test with minimum 50% score


This course aims to provide students with advanced knowledge of risk assessment techniques, the public and individual perception of risk, and how decisions are made in competitive business markets.

Role and Scope

MS Risk and Safety Management focus on practical applications of safety methodologies, ergonomics and human factors, and safety and risk management techniques. The program will also be of great value for those who wish to pursue Ph.D. and choose their career as educationists and researchers.

Scheme of studies

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MSB-711 Strategic Marketing Management(Core-3) 3(3-0)
MSB-712 Strategic Finance (Core-2) 3(3-0)
MSB-713 Advanced Research Methodology (Core-1) 3(3-0)
  Elective Course–1 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours : 12

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MSB-714 Strategic Management (Core – 4) 3(3-0)
RS-711 Elective Course – 2 3(3-0)
RS-712 Elective Course – 3 3(3-0)
RS-713 Elective Course – 4 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours : 12

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
RS-710 Dissertation 6(6-0)
  Credit Hours : 06


List of Elective Courses

Course Code Subject Credit Hours
RS-714 Disaster Preparedness 3(3-0)
RS-715 Fire Safety Management 3(3-0)
RS-716 Leadership Development for Safety Management 3(3-0)
RS-717 Occupational Safety and Health Standards 3(3-0)