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Course Facts
Study Level Study Mode Program Duration Credit Hours

Under Graduate


10 Semesters (5 years)


Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate (Pre-Medical) with minimum 55% marks or equivalent


The students will carry out full eye examinations and gain specialist skills such as pediatric, binocular vision, contact lens and dispensing. In addition they will examine patients with a range of eye diseases and gain experience in dispensing spectacles. 

Role and Scope

Being a newly introduced program in Optometric and Visionary Science, it has tremendous job opportunities in public and private sector hospitals in the country. The graduates have opportunity for employment in pharmaceutical industry. Moreover running an independent optometric clinic will prove a noble option and fruitful experience.

Scheme of studies

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ISL-101 Islamic Studies 2(2-0)
ENG-101 English I 3(3-0)
MATH-101 Mathematics 3(3-0)
CS-101 Introduction to Information & Communication Technologies 3(2-1)
BIO-101 Biochemistry 3(2-1)
ISL-103 Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation I 1(1-0)
  Credit Hours 15

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PHYSI-101 Physiology 3(2-1)
ANA-101 Anatomy 3(3-0)
PS-101 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
ENG-102 English II 3(3-0)
ISL-104 Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation II 1(1-0)
OPT-111 Vision Sciences-I 3(2-1)
  Credit Hours 15

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ISL-201 Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation III 1(1-0)
ENG-201 English III 3(3-0)
PSY-201 Psychology 3(3-0)
PHARM-201 Pharmacology 3(2-1)
MLS-202 Pathology 3(3-0)
OPT-211 Vision Science-II 3(2-1)
  Credit Hours 16

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GEN-201 Sociology 3(3-0)
ISL-202 Teaching of Holy Quran with Translation IV 1(1-0)
OPT-212 Ocular Anatomy and Physiology 3(3-0)
OPT-213 Optics-I 2(2-0)
OPT-214 Ocular Disease-I 3(3-0)
OPT-215 Ophthalmic Dispensing-I 3(2-1)
OPT-216 Clinical Refraction 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours 18


Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MGT-301 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0)
STAT-302 Biostatistics 3(3-0)
OPT-311 Low Vision-I 3(2-1)
OPT-312 Optics-II 2(2-0)
OPT-313 Ocular Disease-II 3(3-0)
OPT-314 Ophthalmic Dispensing-II 2(2-0)
OPT-315 Clinical Practice of Refraction 2(0-2)
  Credit Hours 18


Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GEN-302 Patient Care 2(2-0)
GEN-310 Research Methodology 3(2-1)
OPT-316 Low Vision-II 3(2-1)
OPT-317 Orthoptics-I 3(2-1)
OPT-318 Contact Lens-I 2(2-0)
OPT-319 Diagnostic Instruments-I 3(3-0)
  Credit Hours 16


Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MED-401 Clinical Medicine 3(2-1)
CM-401 Community Medicine 2(2-0)
OPT-411 Retinal Diseases 3(3-0)
OPT-412 Orthoptics-II 3(3-0)
OPT-413 Contact Lens-II 3(2-1)
OPT-414 Diagnostic Instruments-II 3(2-1)
  Credit Hours 17


Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GEN-410 Research Project 6(0-6)
OPT-415 Neuro-Ophthalmology 2(2-0)
OPT-416 Clinical Practice(Contact lens & Refraction) 3(0-3)
OPT-417 Ocular Pharmacology 2(2-0)
OPT-418 Pediatric Optometry 2(2-0)
  Credit Hours 15


Semester 9

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
SUR-501 Surgery 2(2-0)
GEN-502 Medical Ethics 1(1-0)
OPT-511 Clinical Rotations I(Refraction and Pediatric care) 4(0-4)
OPT-512 Clinical Rotations II (Diagnostic & Cornea) 3(0-3)
OPT-513 Clinical Rotations III (Contact Lens, Dispensing) 4(0-4)
OPT-514 Basic Life Support 2(1-1)
  Credit Hours 16


Semester 10

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
OPT-515 Ophthalmic Screening Observations 3(2-1)
OPT-516 Clinical Rotation IV (General Ophthalmology) 4(0-4)
OPT-517 Clinical Practice (Low Vision) 2(0-2)
OPT-518 Clinical Rotation V (Orthoptics and Surgical Plan) 2(0-2)
OPT-519 Minor OT Procedures 2(1-1)
OPT-520 Ocular Emergency Handling 3(2-1)
  Credit Hours 16
  Total Credit Hours: 162
  Total Practical Credit Hours: 48