The University of Faisalabad has several hostels for its undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD scholars, faculty, and employees. TUF has 12 congenial and secure residential halls to accommodate around 1400 students with 24 hours of security, electricity supply and water. They are fully furnished hostels with dining and miscellaneous amenities to enable students to pursue their academic goals without usual distractions of routine life. TUF provides a hostel life that allows students to interact with their colleagues and peers, make friends, and develop into good human beings capable of independent judgement and coping with the day-to-day pressures of life. Recreation is never a problem at our hostels. With gyms and sports facilities, it is an all-encompassing space. TUF hostel has ample space to play outdoor sports and is mostly frequented during the evenings. Some students may leave their homes for the first time, and they can be reassured that TUF hostel will eventually turn out to be a home away from home!