The University of Faisalabad has developed over the years, a strong and consistent evaluation system in the institutionsupervised by Controller Examination rendering all the rules and policies passed by the Board of Governors as well as maintaining all examination record in an effective manner. The office not only ensures a responsible and secure conduct of examinations but also issue academic degrees, transcripts and provisional certificates to individuals meeting the entire legal requirements for this purpose. TUF has always implemented a quality process of conducting examinations and providing creditable support to the faculty and participants in line with the best practices of the world. Their dedicated intentions to continuously improve the standard and sanctity of examinations is commendably reflected in the efficient and transparent examination system of TUF.

Controller Examination at TUF has always rendered healthy working relationships with the examination coordination cells of constituent institutions in order to effectively deal with day-to-day matters pertaining to course registration of students, conduct of examinations and compilation of results and assist university management in prosecution of students’ legal affairs. The examination body also assists the administration in developing and establishing systems and procedures of measurable performance indicators while adhering to the latest trends followed in Institutions of higher learning.