Bachelor of Interior Design






8 Semesters (4 years)


Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate with minimum 45% marks or equivalent


ADP English Language & Literature

Masters of Philosophy in Microbiology

MBA Executive


PhD Optometry


OPEN 2024


The program should be developed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To fulfill a need for high quality manpower in designing, planning and managing the built environment at national & international level creating designers with advanced creative approaches towards real-time issues in the contemporary world.
  • To address the need for training of professionals who are ethically sensitive to the norms, needs and values of the society and the profession reflecting curiosity, flexibility, empathy, imagination, expansive thinking and critical analysis not only in design but also in their various ways of life.
  • To provide an opportunity for students towards specialized design pedagogy suited to their interest and needs situated in between boundaries of landscape, lighting, furniture & architecture design.
  • To generate a pool of highly trained and skilled practitioners, researchers, educators and also provide resource to building interiors who understand the norms of spatial environments and how they influence our practices in life.
  • To promote effective studio teaching and collaborative learning through multiple disciplines & mediums imploring concepts, strategies, codes & techniques and structure a framework that develops a sound multi-disciplinary approach towards design.


  • Interior Designers
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Sustainable Ecofriendly Designers
  • Landscape Designers
  • Lighting Designers
  • Furniture Designers
  • Healthcare Designers
  • Corporate Identity Developers
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Event Planners/ Organizers
  • Exhibition Designers
  • Art therapist
  • Museum Curators
  • Visual Artists
  • Sculptors
  • Miniature Painters
  • Graphic Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Web Designers
  • Multimedia Animators
  • Creative Directors
  • User Experience Designer

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
CS-102 Applications of Information Communication & Technologies 3(2-1) General Course -
ISL-103 Teaching of Holy Quran I N-C Non-Credit Course -
ENG-107 Functional English 3(3-0) General Course -
GEN-104 Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2(2-0) General Course -
DE-111 Drawings & Graphics 3(1-2) Interdisciplinary Course -
DE-112 Basics of Design 4(1-3) Interdisciplinary Course -
Total Credit Hours 15 -

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
ISL-101 Islamic Studies 2(2-0) General Course -
ETH-100 Ethics 2(2-0) General Course -
ISL-104 Teaching of Holy Quran II N-C Non-Credit Course -
ENG-108 Expository Writing 3(3-0) General Course -
DE-113 Visual Communication 3(2-1) Minor Course -
DE-211 Design Studio- I 4(1-3) Major Course -
GEN-105 Creative Arts 2(2-0) General Course -
  Total Credit Hours 14 -

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
ISL-201 Teaching of Holy Quran III N-C Non-Credit Course -
- Quantitative Reasoning I 3(3-0) General Course -
GEN-202 Environmental Studies 3(2-1) General Course -
GEN-203 Community Service Learning 2(2-0) General Course -
DE-114 History of Art & Design I 3(3-0) Major Course -
DE-215 Design Studio- II 4(1-3) Major Course DE-211
Total Credit Hours 15 -

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
PSY-201 Psychology 2(2-0) General Course -
ISL-202 Teaching of Holy Quran IV NC Non-Credit Course -
GEN-206 Entrepreneurship 2(2-0) General Course -
- Quantitative Reasoning II 3(3-0) General Course -
ID-312 Interior Design Studio- I 4(1-3) Major Course -
ID-313 Fundamentals of Interior Design 3(3-0) Major Course -
Total Credit Hours 14 -

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
DE-213 History of Art & Design II* 3(3-0) Major Course DE-114
DE-216 Advanced Visual Communication* 3(2-1) Minor Course DE-113
DE-312 Interior Decoration 3(2-1) Minor Course -
ID-311 Digital Communication 2(0-2) Major Course -
ID-314 Material & Technologies 3(3-0) Major Course -
ID-317 Interior Design Studio – II* 4(1-3) Major Course ID-312
Total Credit Hours 17 -

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
GEN-310 Research Methodology 3(3-0) Major Course -
DE-311 Textiles & Design 2(2-0) Minor Course -
ID-315 Advanced Digital Communication* 2(0-2) Major Course ID-311
ID-316 Furniture Design 3(2-1) Major Course -
ID-318 Language of Interior Design – I 3(2-1) Major Course -
ID-319 Interior Design Studio – III* 4(1-3) Major Course ID-317
Total Credit Hours 18 -

Semester Summer

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
GEN-401 Internship 3(0-3) Summer Internship/Field Experience -
Total Credit Hours 03 -

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
DE-214 Design Anthropology 2(2-0) Minor Course -
ID-411 Building Systems & Services 3(3-0) Major Course -
ID-412 Lighting Systems 3(2-1) Major Course -
ID-413 Language of Interior Design – II* 3(2-1) Major Course ID-318
ID-414 Thesis Studio – I* 6(1-5) Major Course ID-319
Total Credit Hours 17 -

Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Nature Pre-requisite
DE-212 Art & Society [Critical Theories] 2(2-0) Minor Course -
ID-411 Professional Practice & Ethics 2(2-0) Minor Course -
ID-415 Landscape Design 3(2-1) Major Course -
ID-416 Sustainable Design 3(3-0) Major Course -
ID-417 Thesis Studio – II* 6(1-5) Major Course ID-414
Total Credit Hours 16 -
Grand Total 129 -