BS Aviation Management






8 Semesters, 4 years


Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate or equivalent with a minimum of 45% marks


BS Aviation Management degree is designed for students pursuing to lead and succeed in the world of aviation. Harmonizing basic aviation concepts with innovative business ideas and strategy, the programme provides students a rock-solid foundation of aviation knowledge, industry standards, principles of management, and leadership. The programme explores all facades of aviation management, including airport planning and management, airline fleet management, fiscal aspects of aviation, aviation marketing, health and safety environment in aviation, aviation safety, aviation security, and global aviation business strategies. This approach to aviation education gives the student added value over other aviation programs by focusing on the skills and knowledge required by today’s fast growing aviation industry. After the graduation, students will be considered eligible and qualified candidates for staff, operational, and executive jobs within the aviation industry.

Program Mission

We are determined to offer program of study that prepares career oriented graduates for the aviation industry. We will emphasize on the development and use of critical thinking, communication, leadership skills, global awareness, and innovation. We provide opportunity for students to study and solve real‐world problems while adding to the aviation knowledge by exposing them to industry and entrepreneurial arena which will in turn produce high quality aviation graduates.

Program Objectives

  • To give particulate emphasis on the use of analytical and critical techniques in tackling current and future issues in the aviation management industry from an international perspective. (Knowledge)
  • To equip students with the blend of aviation safety, and technical skills through understanding of aircraft operational performance and characteristics. (Knowledge & Skill base)
  • To promote entrepreneurship with respect to teamwork, leadership development and self-management required for Aviation professionals. (Knowledge & effective domain)


In the dynamic field of aviation, The University of Faisalabad offers this program that focuses on the development and use of critical thinking, communication, leadership, global awareness and innovation. This degree will prepare you for an exciting and challenging career in different travel and aviation firms and offers you the opportunity to explore multicultural diversity. The BS Aviation Management degree prepares students for professional careers in the following areas:

  • Airline management
  • Airline flight operations
  • Airline ground operations
  • Airport management
  • Airport operations
  • Airport planning
  • Aviation consultancy firms
  • Aviation charter firms
  • Air services
  • Aviation regulatory and safety services
  • Aviation safety authorities
Program Title Number of semesters Course category Number of courses Credit hours Internship requirement Final year project/report/ viva
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management 8 Major 26 78 Yes Yes
Allied 5 15
General/Compulsory 16 30
Project+ Internship 02 (06+03)09
Total 49 132

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
ISL-103 Teachings of Holy Quran I NC Compulsory
ENG-107 Functional English 3(3-0) Compulsory
GEN-104 Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2(2-0) Compulsory
CS-102 Application of Information & Communication Technologies 3(2-1) Compulsory
MGT-112 Principles of Management 3(3-0) Allied
MATH-114 Business Mathematics 3(3-0) Allied
AVM-111 Introduction to Aviation 3(3-0) Major

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
ISL-104 Teachings of Holy Quran II NC Compulsory
ENG-108 Expository Writing 3(3-0) Compulsory
ISL-101 Islamic Studies/-Ethics 2(2-0) Compulsory
ETH-100 Ethics
GEN-105 Creative Arts 2(2-0) Compulsory
AVM-112 Aviation Sciences 3(3-0) Major
AVM-212 Aviation Law 3(3-0) Major
AVM-113 Aviation Weather 3(3-0) Major

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
ISL-201 Teachings of Holy Quran III NC Compulsory
GEN-202 Environmental Studies 3(2-1) Compulsory
STAT-301 Statistics 3(3-0) Compulsory
GEN-203 Community Service Learning 2(2-0) Compulsory
MGT-211 Principles of Marketing 3(3-0) Allied
AVM-114 Aircraft General Knowledge 3(3-0) Major
AVM-211 Fundamentals of Airport Operations 3(3-0) Major

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
ISL-202 Teachings of Holy Quran IV NC Compulsory
GEN-310 Research Methodology 3(3-0) Compulsory
GEN-206 Entrepreneurship 2(2-0) Compulsory
PSY-201 Psychology 2(2-0) Compulsory
AVM-214 Human Resource Management in Aviation 3(3-0) Major
AVM-215 Aircraft Communication 3(3-0) Major
AVM-213 Air Space and traffic Management 3(3-0) Major

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
AVM-314 Aircraft Performance and Flight Simulations 3(3-0) Major
AVM-315 Airline Marketing 3(3-0) Major
FIN-314 Business Finance 3(3-0) Allied
AVM-316 Flight Operations Management 3(3-0) Major
AVM-311 Airport Planning and Management 3(3-0) Major
AVM-312 Human Factors in Aviation 3(3-0) Major

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
AVM-401 Environmental Factors in Aviation 3(3-0) Major
AVM-403 Safety Managements Systems in Aviation 3(3-0) Major
AVM-313 Travel and Tourism in Aviation 3(3-0) Major
AVM-317 Global Airline Management 3(3-0) Major
AVM-318 Ethics and CSR Aviation 3(3-0) Major

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
AVM-408 Crew Recourse Management 3(3-0) Major
AVM-409 Fiscal Aspects of Aviation 3(3-0) Major
AVM-402 Air Cargo and Ground Handling Services 3(3-0) Major
AVM-406 Airport & Aviation Security 3(3-0) Major
MGT-314 Aviation Supply chain and Logistics 3(3-0) Major
GEN-410 Internship 3(0-3) Compulsory

Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours Category
AVM-420 Project 6(0-6) Compulsory
AVM-404 Air transportation Management 3(3-0) Major
AVM-405 Strategic Management in Aviation 3(3-0) Major
MGT-418 Project Management 3(3-0) Allied
Total Courses: 49
Total Credit Hours: 132