When this world favours somebody, it lends him the attributes and surpassing merits of others and when it turns its face away from him it snatches away even his own excellences and fame.(Hazrat Ali Karam Allah Wajhu)     
16 Aug, 2016 :   Continuing-Professional-Development-Program      14 Aug, 2016 :   TUF-celebrates-“Independence-Day”-with-patriotic-zest-and-enthusiasm      09 Aug, 2016 :   Kidnappings-of-little-children-all-over-Punjab      03 Aug, 2016 :   A-Seminar-on-the-Martyrdom-of-Hazrat-Imam-Taqi-(R.A)      03 Aug, 2016 :   Hazrat-Abu-Talib-(AS)-Yom-e-Wasal      02 Aug, 2016 :   FACULTY-DEVELOPMENT-PROGRAM      02 Aug, 2016 :   The-University-of-Faisalabad-signed-MoU-with-National-Textile-University      02 Aug, 2016 :   His-Excellency-Mr-Iwan-Suyudhie-Amri,-Ambassador-of-Indonesia-visits-TUF      30 Jul, 2016 :   Hazrat-Imam-Jafar-sadiq-(AS)      26 Jul, 2016 :   Free-Physical-Therapy-Camp     

Chartered W4 Category University


The University of Faisalabad was established in the year 2002 under the auspices of Madinah Foundation, a not-for-profit philanthropic organization, in the light of the vision "Industry, Service, Education" of its founder Chairman, Haji Muhammad Saleem (Late).

The founder created this facility to provide quality education in professional areas to meet the educational needs of the people in and around Faisalabad. The University has two Campuses i.e. Saleem Campus and Amin Campus.

In March 2012, Higher Education Commission ranked Universities for the first time on the basis of Implementation of Quality Assurance Criteria, Teaching Quality and Research. The University got Second Position in its category. The University of Faisalabad secured FIRST Position in HEC ranking in its category of "General Universities (Small)" during 2013. HEC categorized TUF in the highest category W4 in March 2013. In 2014 ranking by HEC, we got 14 position among all General universities of Pakistan and placed 3rd among private sector universities.

TUF in news

16 Aug, 2016


A CPD course on the process design and simulation was held on 16th August 2016, under auspices of the School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Faisalabad .The chief guest was Dr.Mahmood Saleem Professor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Punjab. Simulation is used for the design development, analysis and optimization of the technical … Continue reading “Continuing Professional Development Program”

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14 Aug, 2016


The University of Faisalabad celebrated “Independence Day” with patriotic zest and enthusiasm.   The ceremony was started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by Naat-e-Rasool (SAW). Prof Dr Abdul Majeed, Rector and Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Dean Faculty of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences unfurled the National Flag and National anthem was played.   Faculty … Continue reading “TUF celebrates “Independence Day” with patriotic zest and enthusiasm”

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09 Aug, 2016


Guys, I’m sure everyone has been hearing the news about the kidnappings of little children all over Punjab. Around 700 kids have gone missing, with 300 from Lahore alone. I just wanna tell everyone that the threat is VERY real. It can happen to anyone. The kidnappers come in gangs, snatch children from their parents, … Continue reading “Kidnappings of little children all over Punjab”

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03 Aug, 2016


A seminar on the martyrdom of “Hazrat Imam Taqi (R.A)” was held on 3rd August, 2016, under the auspicious of Religious Society the School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences, The University of Faisalabad. It was presided over by Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed; The Rector of The University of Faisalabad. The chief guest and guest speaker … Continue reading “A Seminar on the Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Taqi (R.A)”

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02 Aug, 2016


The aim of Faculty development program at “The University of Faisalabad” is to connect faculty members on teaching and learning. FDP has strived to build knowledge community by refining the teachers’ self-concept and enhancing their self-esteem via building their capacities as effective teachers, reflective practitioners and compassionate facilitators and human transformers. In this connection Engr. … Continue reading “FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM”

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