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Course Facts
Study Level Study Mode Program Duration Credit Hours

Post Graduate


6 Semesters (3 years)


Eligibility Criteria

18 Years of Education, MS/MPhil or Equivalent degree from HEC recognized univeriity with minimum 3.00/4.OO CGPA in semester system or 60% marks in annual system.


Objective is to prepare graduated to execute original high level research in drug delivery and targeting, pharmaceutics and, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and cell biology. Graduates might be employed at leading research universities and industries government or any other centric arena.

Role and Scope

The doctor of Philosophy (3-8yrs) is a research based program specially designed to serve the needs of industry, academia, pharmaceutical organizations and primary and secondary health care department.

Scheme of studies

Semester I

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PHS-901 Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology 3(3-0)
ABP-902 Advance Bio pharmaceutics 3(3-0)
STAT-903 Design and Analysis of Experiments for Researchers 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 09

Semester II

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PHC-911 Pharmaceutical Care 2(2-0)
BPH-912 Bio pharmaceuticals 3(3-0)
RCDS-914 Rate Controlled Drug Delivery System 2(2-0)
PHSE-913 Seminar-1 1(1-0)
Credit Hours 08

Semester III & IV

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PHSE-920 Seminar -2 1(1-0)
  Comprehensive examination -
  Credit Hours 01

Semester IV, V & VI

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
PCT-921 Research and Thesis 12 (0-12)
  Thesis Defense -
  Credit Hours 12
  Total Credit Hours 30

Course Work (Credit Hours 18) + Research and Thesis (Credit Hour 12)