Pre-symposium Workshop on World Sight Day

On October 9, 2023, the Department of Optometry at the University of Faisalabad organized a pre-symposium workshop on CONTACT LENSES. Coinciding with World Sight Day, this year's theme was "Love Your Eyes". Dr. Mutahir Shah, a distinguished PhD scholar, led the workshop, captivating students and providing hands-on practical experience.

He focused on the history, and evolution, and optical principles of contact lenses. The discussion also drove the students towards the fitting process of contact lenses step-by-step: lens selection, initial fitting, evaluation, and follow-up. Proper handling and care of contact lenses was also told. The discussion was also about the emergency management of contact lens-related issues.

The feedback from participants was perfect, showcasing the value and impact of this insightful session on eye health and contact lenses. The workshop was all about spreading awareness about eye care and cherishing the gift of sight. The workshop was an encouragement for participants to maintain good contact lens hygiene and seek professional guidance when needed.

Workshops connected participants with local eye care resources and services, making eye care more accessible to those who may not have previously sought it out. Workshops promoted healthy behaviors that supported good eye health. Workshops provided opportunities for community members to come together and engage in discussions about eye health.


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