Session on research article “The Potential Psychosocial Impact of Skin Conditions

Department of Dermal Sciences is always eager to raise innovative individuals by keeping them up to date with recent advancements in the field of science and technology. As research is the most authentic tool of knowledge that is why a Journal Club session was conducted under the supervision of the Head of the Department Prof Dr Tanzeela Khalid and the Coordinator Department Dr Rabia Mahmood.

Tayyaba Saqib student of Dermal Sciences presented a summary of the research article with the title “The Potential Psychosocial Impact of Skin Conditions” The session elaborated on how various skin conditions have an impact on the psychological and social well-being of a person and what should be the role of skincare experts in this regard. The discussion also demonstrated the role of proper counseling skills of a practitioner and how to work under the pressure of a patient’s expectations while being realistic.





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