Mr. Muhammad Moeen Chief Engineer, National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) delivered lecture through Webinar on Friday April 16th, 2021 to faculty and students of Department of Civil Engineering on the topic “Selection of Geotechnical Design Parameters”. He discussed various geotechnical problems at different construction sites and how these problems can be pointed out by conducting different geotechnical investigation tests. He discussed these tests and his experience of geotechnical investigation at Mohmand dam. He concluded that geotechnical investigation varies with site, as most geotechnical relations developed for calculations are empirical and soil parameters at different sites are different, therefore these empirical relations are updated with respect to soil type and parameters.


Geotechnical problems

Different types of soils and rocks

Shear strength properties of soil and rock

Geotechnical investigation plan

Geotechnical investigation (borehole locations)

Tests performed for geotechnical investigation

Experience of geotechnical investigations of Mohmand Dam

At the end of the session, participants asked the questions to the speaker and removed the queries.

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