The Department of Medical Education, UMDC, organized an international webinar on ‘Getting Research Published’ at Engineering Wing on 26th September 2020. The guest speaker was Prof. Khalid Saeed Khan from Granada, Spain, is an eminent scholar, a researcher & editor of various international journals.

He gave a very comprehensive presentation on the process of moving from an idea to the published manuscript by focusing on different sections of the article like title, keywords, abstract, introduction, discussion & conclusions.

Dr Rubina Zulfiqar Lecturer DPT, MS-MSK inaugurated the webinar. Then she handed over the webinar to Dr Shelza.Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed pro rector of Health Scinece Wing also joined the webinar on Conference call. Besides Pakistan participants of the webinar were also from the UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, Bangladesh, & India.

The webinar began with Telawaat of Quran Pak. Later Dr Shelza introduced the guest speaker Prof. Khalid Saeed Khan. He gave a PPT presentation on the topic of “Getting Research Published” in which he elaborated each section of the article one by one focusing on all key points which need to be taken into account while designing the research paper. Not only that, Prof Khalid Saeed Khan Highlights many issues and shares possible solutions for that.

He also shared his experience of How he started his journey as a researcher and what tips and strategies he used to write and published his first paper. During his webinar, he emphasized on the idea of writing down the Abstract first and elaborated the key factors while writing a Medical research paper Abstract it. He said Abstract would give you an outline to line up your paper. He further said Abstract is a summary which provides you with a detail of Background, Objective Design, Setting, intervention, Participants Outcome, Results and Conclusion.


Prof. Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal, Vice Chancellor, King Edward Medical University Lahore, presented his talk on “Monitoring of training and research in competency based medical education”. Prof Dr. Muhammad Umar, Vice Chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University and Allied hospitals gave presentation on “What do a physician require to convert his routine patient information into research data”. Dr Hina Ayesha pro-vice chancellor Faisalabad Medical University, beautifully explained the role of Islam in research and innovation. Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rehman, former vice chancellor, GC University, Lahore, shared his views on “Why Pakistani universities are lagging behind in development of research culture?” .

During the Webinar, Prof. Khalid Saeed Khan answered all the queries posed by participants through the chatbox. He gave 15 minutes after an hour to make sure that each person, faculty members and students got his point. Dr Shelza, the host of the webinar, forwards all the queries to him one by one.

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