A Mehfil-e-Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) was held at The University of Faisalabad on December 28, 2020. Renowned Sana Khawan and Naat Khawan Syed Ahmad Abdul Basit Usman Al-Qadri Al-Mutawalli Al-Sheikh Abu-al-Hassain Al-Noori from and Sheikh Yahya Mushtaq Hailan from Baghdad (Iraq) participated in the Mehfil. Renowned religious Scholar Mufti Muhammad Razman Jami was also present on the occasion. Mehfil was organized by following all the SOPs against COVID-19.



After recitation of the Holy Quran by Ms Ayesha Batool, Syed Ahmad Abdul Basit and Sheikh Yahya Mushtaq offered Darood-o-Salam, Naat-e-Rasool Maqbool (SAW), Manaqib Ehl-e-Bait (AS) and Qaseeda Ghausia in their heart touching voice. Mr Muhammad Hider Amin, Chairman Board of Governors TUF, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro-Rector, Ms Zahida Maqbool, Additional Registrar, staff members of University and students from School of Nursing, Madinah Teaching Hospital were present.




All the audience felt spiritually elevated and bonded together as they listened to the holy recitals. The Mehfil-e-Milad ended with Drood-o-Salam and an overwhelming ‘Dua’ for whole mankind, particularly Muslim Ummah for protection against the pandemic COVID-19. Fateha Khawani was also held for the departed souls.


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