Leprosy is one of the infectious skin diseases which cause serious complications in its patients. For the effective management of leprosy, the Department of Dermatology at The University of Faisalabad organized one day workshop on "Leprosy Management" in collaboration with Aid to Leprosy patients Pakistan and World Health Organization for postgraduate trainees and doctors.




Participants of the workshop on Leprosy Management 

Director Rawalpindi Leprosy Hospital and winner of the "German Order of Merit" award, Dr Chris Schmotzer facilitated a comprehensive workshop, starting from clinical features of leprosy to management and case demonstration. It equipped all the postgraduate doctors and other attendees with recent and useful updates to timely diagnose and manage leprosy.


Dr Rooha, Ms Rabia Aurangzaib & Dr Chris Schmotzer delivering a lecture on Leprosy Management 

The session was concluded by the Head of Dermatology Department, Prof Dr Tanzeela Khalid. She thanked Dr Chris for her efforts and presented the University memento to her.

Dr Chris Schmotzer & Dr Tanzeela Khalid awarding participation certificates 

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