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Under the “Faculty Development Program” series, a lecturer session was held on the 10th of Feb 2021 at the Engineering Wing of The University of Faisalabad. The topic of the session was “Importance of Non-Verbal Communication”. The event was conducted by the guest speaker , Ms Areeba Mishal. She is working as a Course Coordinator/ Demonstrator in the Optometry Department. Ms Areeba covered all the important aspects such as what is nonverbal communication? Different types of nonverbal communication? Can nonverbal communication be faked? How nonverbal communication can go wrong? How to improve nonverbal communication? How to read body language? And what is the significance of nonverbal communication in helping out students in studying them?

Ms Areeba Mishal, delivering lecture to faculty members

Faculty members listening to the lecture

Faculty members listening to the lecture

Group photos of faculty members training programs team

At the end of the sessions, faculty members asked different queries and shared their feedbacks.