A webinar has been conducted on the topic of “Importance of Internship for Students” by Department of Engineering Technology on Friday 09 April 2021. The guest speaker was Engr Usman Akhter, Plant Manager, National Silk & Rayon Mills LTD, Faisalabad. He described the benefits and importance of internship for the graduates in the area of Engineering Technology. He further elaborated that the internship is a great way to apply the knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience. He shared his experience of National Silk & Rayon Mills LTD, as a Plant Manager, where different students came to him for internship.




Students faces many problems during internship like lack of working experience and a gap between the academic knowledge implementation in industry. Engr Usman Akhter explained the students how to overcome these challenging issues and gain useful experience during the internship. In the end, the Head of the Department of Engineering Technology thanked the honorable guest speaker for his valuable speech on this webinar. Moreover, he also motivated the students to seek for internship as soon as possible and get themselves acquaintance with modern requirements of the industry.




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