How to Survive as an International Filmmaker

Oscar nominee director and producer, Laura Nix along with culture affairs officer Mr Paul Garr and Culture affairs specialist Mr Tanveer Hussain visited Amin campus of The University of Faisalabad for an interactive talk session about "how to survive as an independant film maker: a career overview". CEO of Askolay, Mr Haider Miraj was also present there as guest speaker. Additional registrar Madam Zahida Maqbool delivered the welcome speech in which she welcomed the delegate and encouraged the students to get maximum out of this fruitful talk session with Laura.

Laura nix during her talk session with students and faculty said that film making is one of the best way to bring change in society and to sensitize people about many things. To become a good film maker, you are supposed to watch atleast a movie daily, she added. Laura also elaborate how she made her way through many adversities and learned the art of making impactful films. She suggested students to take this profession with complete passion and determination.

Haider Miraj discussed the importance of films in order to promote harmony and patience in society. He urged students to extract the real ideas from surroundings and try to make quality content from that. Later, membes of Alpha TUF team received certificates from Laura Nix for their unmatched services for victims of flood in Pakistan and earthquake in Turkey. Laura Nix, Paul Garr and Haider Miraj planted a sapling at Amin campus after the talk session.

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