Center of Executive Learning (CEL) & Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), TUF organized series of workshops under the tagline of “Faculty Development Program”. This program had a profound impact on the learning systems and is one of the most important factors towards building the strong foundation of educational institution to ensure quality education.





The teacher assessment has an excessive effect on the overall learning process and procedure as well as it provides the training for the enhancement of knowledge. These training programs had been conducted under diversified fields covering a variety of intellectual studies.


“Stress Management”& “Time Management” sessions by Dr Nailah Riaz, “Models of Critical, Practical and Survival Skills” by Ms Amna Fayyaz Department of Language and Literature & “How do we control success and failures by our actions?” by Ms Sadaf Sattar, Department of Computational Sciences

The University of Faisalabad always comes ahead for learning and development opportunities for its faculty and this program is also one of the traditions of its learning culture.


Supervise undergraduate project report/internship report by Dr. Komal Atta, Department of Optometry

Record Management by Ms Ayesha Anwar, Department of Computational Sciences

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