Awareness Campaign for Children with Special Needs

“World Physical Therapy Day” was celebrated on 8th September 2022. This day celebrates the Global Physical Therapy Community’s Togetherness and Solidarity. It is a chance to recognize the contributions which the physical therapists provide to their patients and community. An Awareness Campaign for Children with Special Needs was organized by TUF Rehabilitation Society at this occasion which was aimed to raise awareness about the crucial contributions the profession makes to keep people well, mobile and independent. The campaign was aimed to Ensure Good Health to build a more sustainable future for all by following UNSDGs 3 of 17.


For this purpose, we visited Tanzeem-al-lisan, a Voluntary Organization for Special Children and Syeda Khatoon-e-Jannat Trust Hospital & Special Education Center to create awareness among special population having Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome and Deafness.


Physiotherapy interventions that focused around promoting gross motor skills, range of movement, balance and body awareness, for participation in school and family life in children suffering from autism. We provided awareness focusing on function, movement and optimal use of the child's potential and used physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being within all environments of the child including home, school, recreation, and community environments.


On the next, we visited Syeda Khatoon-e-Jannat Trust Hospital and Special Education Center. They had multi-disciplinary approach, their set up was really interesting because they were not only managing patients but were also providing various trainings.

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