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The University Of Faisalabad’s school of optometry organized one-day awareness booth on “handling of contact lens” in collaboration with Bausch & Lomb. Knowledge aptitude and practices related to the handling of the contact lens were assessed of 725 non-optometry students of TUF. Moreover, awareness was provided related to general hygiene, contact lens handling, type of contact lens, their replacement schedule and parameters to address while selecting contact lens. Senior students of optometry explained that hands should be clean and free of any foreign substances when you handle your lenses: Always wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse completely, and dry with a lint-free towel before touching your lenses. Handle your lenses with your fingertips, and be careful to avoid contact with fingernails. Moreover, the discussion was made on ‘how to care for your contact lenses with biotrue solution” and hygiene of lens case care.

Senior optometry students providing awareness related to general hygiene and contact lens handling


Contact lens care systems are highly important to the success of wearing contact lenses and also the reduction of risk for infections. There are many different types of contact lens care systems, but the basic two types are multipurpose care solutions and hydrogen peroxide care solutions. For gas permeable (GP) lenses, your solutions may contain either a one-step (multipurpose) solution or a two-step (cleaning and soaking) solution or you may also use a hydrogen peroxide solution. These types of solutions all have different recommendations for use depending on the manufacturer. Consult the package insert or a doctor of optometry for the best practices regarding the use of your lens care system.