BSc Biomedical Engineering Technology






8 Semesters (4 years)


Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate (Pre-Engineering)/DAE with minimum 60% marks or equivalent.


ADP English Language & Literature

Masters of Philosophy in Microbiology

MBA Executive


PhD Optometry


OPEN 2024



Semester 1

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
BIN-111/BIN-112 Natural Sciences Basic Biology (for Pre-Engineering Students)/ Basic Mathematics (for Pre-Medical Students) 3(2+1) or 3(3+0)
ENG-107 Humanities Functional English 3(3+0)
ISL-101/ETH-100 Humanities Islamic Studies/Ethics 2(2+0)
GEN-105 Social Sciences Creative Arts 2(2+0)
PHY-103 Natural Sciences Applied Physics 4(3+1)
BIT-111 Foundation Workshop Practices 1(0+1)
BIT-112 Foundation Technical Drawing 1(0+1)
BIC-111 Computing Computer Programming 2(1+1)
ISL-103 Humanities Teachings of Holy Quran – I NC
Total 18

Semester 2

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
BIN-121 Natural Sciences Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3(3+0)
BIT-121 Foundation Basic Electrical Technology 3(2+1)
BIT-122 Foundation Human Anatomy & Physiology 4(3+1)
ENG-108 Humanities Expository Writing 3(3+0)
CS-102 Computing Applications of Information & Communication Technologies 3(2+1)
GEN-104 Humanities Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2(2+0)
ISL-104 Humanities Teaching of Holy Quran – II NC
Total 18

Semester 3

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
BIOC-101 Natural Sciences
Forced Elective
Biochemistry 3(2+1)
BIN-212 Natural Sciences Linear Algebra & Differential Equations 3(3+0)
BIT-211 Foundation Electrical Circuit Analysis 3(2+1)
GEN-202 Social Sciences Environmental Studies 3(2+1)
PSY-201 Inter Disciplinary Technology Psychology 2(2+0)
GEN-206 Management Sciences Entrepreneurship 2(2+0)
ISL-201 Humanities Teaching of Holy Quran – III NC
Total 16

Semester 4

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
BIT-221 Breadth Signals and Systems 3(2+1)
BIT-222 Foundation Electronic Devices and Circuits 3(2+1)
BIT-223 Breadth Digital Logic Design 3(2+1)
GEN-310 Management Sciences Research Methodology 3(3+0)
BIN-221 Natural Sciences Probability and Statistics 3(3+0)
GEN-203 Social Sciences Community Service Learning 2(2+0)
ISL-202 Humanities Teaching of Holy Quran -IV NC
Total 17


Semester 5

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
BIT-311 Breadth Biomaterials 3(2+1)
BIT-312 Breadth Biomedical Instrumentation 3(2+1)
BIT-313 Breadth Biomechanics 3(2+1)
BIOC-302 Breadth Molecular Biology 3(3+0)
BIT-315 Project Project-I 3(0+3)
BIT-316 Depth Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 3(2+1)
Total 18

Semester 6

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
BIT-321 Depth Medical Imaging Devices 3(2+1)
BIT-322 Depth Biomedical Control Systems 3(2+1)
BIT-323 Depth Clinical Laboratory Equipment 3(2+1)
BII-321 Inter Disciplinary Technology Medical Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 3(2+1)
BIT-324 Project Project-II 3(0+3)
Total 15

Semester 7

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
ELT-411 Biomedical Engineering Technology Domain Industrial Training Supervised Industrial Training (Optional) 16(0+16)
BIM-411 Management Sciences Leadership and Personal Grooming 3(3+0)
BIT-412 Depth Depth Elective-I 3(2+1)
BIT-413 Depth Depth Elective-II 3(2+1)
BIT-414 Depth Depth Elective-III 3(2+1)
BIT-415 Depth Troubleshooting of Medical Devices 1(0+1)
BIT-416 Depth Depth Elective-IV 3(3+0)
Total 16

Semester 8

Course Code Nature Course Title Credit Hours
BIT-421 Biomedical Engineering Technology Domain Industrial Training Supervised Industrial Training (Compulsory) 16(0+16)
Total 16
Total Credit Hours 134

Elective Depth Courses

Code Knowledge Area Course Title Credit Hours
BIT-412 Depth Elective-I Medical Image Processing 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-413 Depth Elective-II Biotelemetry System 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-414 Depth Elective-III Biomedical Signal Processing 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-415 Depth Elective-IV Medical Devices Quality System and Standards 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-416 Depth Elective-V Medical Device Regulatory Affairs 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-417 Depth Elective-VI Power Electronics 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-418 Depth Elective-VII Medical Robotics 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-419 Depth Elective-VIII Rehabilitation Techniques 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-4110 Depth Elective-IX Tissue Engineering Technology 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-4111 Depth Elective-IX Drug Delivery Systems 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-4112 Depth Elective-IX Artificial Intelligence 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-4113 Depth Elective-IX Bioinformatics 2+1 or 3+0
BIT-4114 Depth Elective-IX Hospital Information System 2+1 or 3+0