In a teaching institution library occupies a key position. Accordingly University Medical & Dental College Faisalabad has paid special attention to develop the library resources for meeting the needs of the students, faculty and researchers. Currently the UMDC has the services of three qualified librarians to provide efficient guidance and services to users. The Saleem campus of the university has a well stocked library containing about 11,300 books for the UMDC & Faculties of Health Sciences, Management Studies and Arts & Social Sciences. New titles of latest books for all the disciplines are regularly added to meet the requirements of growing number of students and faculty.

Digital Library

Digital library catalogue is available on campus vide LAN. With its internet and CD ROM facilities, the library plays an important role in disseminating, identifying and locating materials. In addition, the college is subscribing to about 15 journals and magazines including 10 research journals having an impact factor ranging from 0.5 to 23.

Digital Library Resources of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

The library has access to digital library of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan which provides researchers and other user's access to databases pertaining to international Scientific and Technical literature based on electronic (online) delivery and to 12,000 high quality, peer-reviewed journals and over 40,000 E-books published by renowned publishers around the world on a wide range of disciplines.

Computer Centre

University Medical & Dental College has around 60 PCs and several servers (number constantly growing). Two fully operational computer labs are equipped with latest Pentium IV computers having internet connectivity (wireless) with band width of 512 Kbps CIR. Student management system is deployed so that the students can use computers via their own login in a secure manner. Facility of printers and scanners are also available for the students.

Physical Facilities


Two well furnished centrally air conditioned auditoria occupy central place in this campus. These have a seating capacity of 200 each and are the venue of conferences, seminars, declamation contests, lectures and other such functions. Conference


A well furnished state of the art conference room having seating capacity for 40 persons with in-built sound system is also available for Board/Faculty meetings and for organizing training programs, seminars and workshops with a smaller number of participants.


The College provides hostel facilities to nearly 400 students belonging to cities/towns other than Faisalabad. Amna Hall has furnished rooms to accommodate students and provides a number of facilities, including a TV lounge, laundry, common room and kitchen on each floor. All students living in hostel are expected to conform to rules and regulations framed from time to time.


beautiful centrally located mosque occupies a central location in the campus


The College has its own fleet of vehicles comprising air-conditioned coaches, vans and cars. These vehicles run at routes covering almost all parts of the city providing pick and drop service to the students as well as staff, on need basis.


A branch of the Habib Metropolitan Bank is available within the campus, for assistance to students & staff in their banking transactions

On notification of date of the examination, the eligible candidates shell be required to submit Admission Forms duly attested by the Principle of respective College on or before the date notified for the purpose along with prescribed fee. The Principal must certify that the candidates concerned have actually attended 75% of the lectures delivered and practical/clinical sessions conducted during the academic year in each of the subject of the examination.

Issuance of Roll Numbers

Roll Number Slips / Admittance Card will not be issued to the following categories of candidates:

  • Those who have not paid their fee for the examination.
  • Those who have not attended the required number of lectures and practicals.
  • Those who have not completed one academic year.
  • Those who have passed the Annual Examination and want to appear in the same year for next class

it is apprised that the students who have secured 1st 2nd & 3rd positions in annual examinations 5014 , they are eligible for award of scholarship as per existing policy

Appended below is the detail of position holder

Examinations First Positions
Second Positions
Third Positions
First Prof Part-l Kiran Tariq
474/600 79%
Myra Imtiaz
465/600 77.5%
Myra Imtiaz
462/600 77%
First Prof Part-ll Samra Ramzan
520/600 86.66%
Zainab Asim
472/600 78.66%
Maryam Nazir
461/600 76.83%
Ayesha Rehman
461/600 76.83%
Second Professional Iqra Saeed
787/1000 78.7%
Alina Maqsood
783/1000 78.3%
Noor Fatima
765/1000 76.5%
Third Professional Kinza Imran
789/1000 78.9%
Saima Altaf
786/1000 78.6%
Rabia Aslam
784/1000 78.4%

Academic Rules

  • Migration/ Transfer of students is not allowed in any circumstances.
  • Punctual observation of class timing and proper discipline in classroom, practicals, demonstrations and tutorials will be of highest order. Students have to wear white coats during lectures and practicals.
  • Summer break is scheduled for the students on the recommendation of Academic Council of College subject to the approval of Board of Governors.
  • In case of voluntary withdrawal the following will apply:
    • If a student wishes to leave the college before the commencement of classes then there shall be 100 % refund of all deposited fee except for the one time admission fee.
    • If the student wishes to leave the institution within two month of the commencement of classes there shall be 50 % refund of all deposited fee
    • If the student wishes to leave the institution after two month of joining classes then there shall be No Refund as per the PMDC rules.
  • For leave or absence, the students must apply in writing the reason for her request. Every student is required to attend minimum 75% of lectures. A student having attendance less than 75% will not be allowed to appear in the UHS examinations. Repeated absence from lectures, classes, seminars, demonstrations and from hospital wards will make a student liable to be expelled from the college.

Disciplinary Rules

  • All students must be quiet in college premises. Students are forbidden to sing, whistle, hoot create noise in any form or indulge in any unseemly behavior or activity in the college premises at any time.
  • No student is allowed to loiter and move aimlessly in and around college premises or while-away her time in college cafeteria or market place.
  • No gathering or meeting of students will be allowed in the premises of college and hostels. Any student want to make a representation on any subject has the right to direct access to the Principal at any time during college hours by previous appointment, if not satisfied by her interview with the Chief Proctor or the Vice Principal.
  • Every part of the college building and hostel premises shall be kept clean e.g. walls, fixtures, models, specimens, charts; etc should not be tempered, defaced, mutilated or damaged in any way or form. Defaulters will be dealt with strictly.
  • It is the duty of each student to maintain highest degree of cleanliness of college premises and the hostels including toilets and kitchens.
  • All damages in any form caused by the students due to their negligence or deliberate act shall be repaired at the expense of the student / students responsible for the negligence.
  • Admission fee is not refundable.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college/hostel premises.
  • Use of liquor or any allied substances is strictly prohibited in the college and hostel.
  • No students should address any conference including press conference, nor write to the press on a political or related subject on matter concerned directly with the administration of the college or any government or educational institution, university in Pakistan or aboard.
  • No posters or banners shall be displayed without the approval of Principal/Administration.
  • In case of complaint it will be investigated by senior members of the staff (Head of the Department). If it is of serious nature it will be forwarded to the Academic Council for further investigation and the recommendation will be forwarded to the Principal for further necessary action.
  • In dealing with any breach of discipline infringement of the rules and regulations mentioned above, the Principal may decide to order appropriate penalty including apology (verbal or written), fine, temporary suspension from the college, removal from the hostel, removal from the college and rustication after due concurrence of College Academic Council.
  • Students are not allowed to eat and drink from shops or restaurants, which are not allowed or unauthorized on the basis of their hygienic standard and locations.
  • Students are not allowed to indulge in abusive language or fight.
  • The authority may expel a student at any time if not satisfied with her health, conduct or character.
  • Students have to be present in time at any specified activity of the college.
  • The students must display their College ID cards while in the college premises.

Hostel Rules

  • No guests are allowed to stay in the hostel.
  • No religious ceremony likely to injure the feelings of other boarders shall be performed in the hostel.
  • Every student shall be in hostel by sunset except those who are on official duty in hospital.
  • Boarders are prohibited from leaving the hostel after sunset in summer and winter. Any boarders, who wish to stay out after this time, shall seek prior permission from the warden. Late comers in the hostel will first report at the main gate of the college and to warden of their hostel before going to their rooms.
  • Any student/boarder found guilty of persistent violation of rules shall be suspended or dismissed from college / hostel by the administration with the approval of the competent authority.
  • Defacing walls, orders on notice boards, fixture, furniture & use of electric appliances which are not allowed is strictly prohibited.
  • All cases of sickness must be reported to the authorities. The hostel warden shall be notified at once for necessary action.
  • College is not responsible for loss of any property, valuables and jewellery etc of the boarders.
  • In hostels, students must keep their rooms neat, clean and tidy. The bed should be properly arranged and a cover be used. Dirty clothes should be stored separately and removed at once.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to cooperate with the authorities of the college by prevailing upon and motivating their wards not to take part in any antisocial activities.
  • For leave or absence, the students must apply in writing the reason for her request. Every student is required to attend minimum 75% of lectures. A student having attendance less than 75% will not be allowed to appear in the UHS examinations. Repeated absence from lectures, classes, seminars, demonstrations and from hospital wards will make a student liable to be expelled from the college.


Summer Uniform

  • White Shalwar Kameez (Swan white with band collar and full sleeve)
  • Maroon Scarf in combination with above
  • Shoes (Black with small heals)
  • Socks (Black)
  • Knee long white overall

Winter Uniform

The female students will wear Maroon Blazer (Single Breasted) alternately maroon woolen sweater with “V” neck plus knee long white coat.