Detailed Objectives

The detailed objectives of the program are based on knowledge, skills an attitudes and divided into the following broad categories

A. General Skills

  • Apply knowledge & skills in day to day practice.
  • Apply principles of ethics.
  • Analyze the outcome of treatment.
  • Evaluate the scientific literature and information to decide the treatment.
  • Participate and involve in professional bodies.
  • Be capable of self-assessment and be willing to update the knowledge & skills from time to time.
  • Inclined to do simple research projects.
  • Acquire minimum computer proficiency to enhance knowledge and skills.
  • Be aware of ones limitations and know when to refer patients to specialists.
  • Be familiar with basic Forensic Odontology techniques and manage Geriatric dental problems.

B. Practice Management

  • Evaluate practice location, population dynamics & reimbursement mechanism.
  • Able to communicate freely, orally and in writing with all concerned.
  • Maintain records.
  • Implement & monitor infection control and environmental safety programs.
  • Practice within the scope of one's competence Communication & Community Resources.
  • Assess patient’s goals, values and concerns to establish rapport and guide patient care.
  • Co-ordinate & supervise the activities of allied dental health personnel.
  • Participate in improving the oral health of the individuals through community activities.

C. Patient Care – Diagnosis

  • Obtaining patient's history in a methodical way.
  • Performing thorough clinical examination.
  • Selection and interpretation of clinical, radiological and other diagnostic information.
  • Obtaining appropriate consultation.
  • Arriving at provisional, differential and final diagnosis.

D. Patient Care - Treatment Planning

  • Integrate multiple disciplines into an individual comprehensive sequence treatment plan using diagnostic and prognostic information.
  • Be able to order appropriate investigations.

E. Patient Care – Treatment

  • Recognition and initial management of medical emergencies that may occur during Dental treatment.
  • Perform basic cardiac life support.
  • Management of pain including post operative.
  • Administration of all forms of local anesthesia.
  • Administration of intra muscular and venous injections.
  • Prescription of drugs, pre operative, prophylactic and therapeutic requirements.
  • Uncomplicated extraction of teeth.
  • Transalveolar extractions and removal of simple impacted teeth.
  • Minor oral surgical procedures.
  • Management of Oro-facial infections.
  • Simple orthodontic appliance therapy.
  • Taking, processing and interpretation of various types of intra oral radiographs.
  • Various kinds of restorative procedures using different materials available.
  • Simple endodontic procedures.
  • Removable and fixed Prosthodontics.
  • Various kinds of periodontal therapy.