BASR Research Policy


The University of Faisalabad in addition to pass on quality education at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels is also focusing on expanding its research development programs. Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) comprising of eminent academicians and researchers reviews and revises the postgraduate programs and research process and appoint the supervisor and determine the subject of their theses.

Funding Opportunities:


  • Internal Grants (Faculty and Students have the opportunity to avail grants from the University sources)
  • External Grants (Faculty and Students are encouraged and facilitated to apply for grants from National / International agencies)
  • Researchers are honorably awarded with cash incentives depending on their publications in National / International journals with HEC recognition and impact factor.



  • Excellent, fully equipped Laboratories
  • Computer / Internet / library, database access
  • Continuing education and training in research methodologies
  • Office of research for complete guidance