1.  Importance of timely physical Rehabilitation of ankle sprain in sports injuries. Dr Ahmad Bilal Arif
  2. Comparative effect of phonophoresis using ibuprofen and methyl salicyclate with ultrasound using aqueous gel in pain management due to cervical spondylosis. Dr Ahmad Bilal Arif
  3. Dissertation on effectiveness of physical therapy techniques on post-operative complication after mastectomy in Jinnah Hospital Lahore. Dr Nazia Sarfraz
  4. Prevalence of cervical pain in computer using students in Allied School of Health sciences in Lahore. Dr Nazia Sarfraz
  5. Supervised the research group of Prevalence of cervical pain and its contributing factors in bank officers of Faisalabad. Dr Nazia Sarfraz
  6. Supervised the research group Association between high heels and low back pain in young female students of GC University Faisalabad. Dr Nazia Sarfraz
  7.  Dissertation on effectiveness of pelvic floor strengthening exercises for normal delivery in Mian Trust hospital Faisalabad. Dr Muhammad Mohsin Hussain
  8.  Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among the farmers of Faisalabad. Dr Muhammad Mohsin Hussain
  9. The relationship of neck pain with height and type of pillow. Dr Iqra Ishaq
  10. Prevalence of dysmenorrhea and its effect on quality of life among a group of females university students. Dr Iqra Ishaq
  11. Application of lateral wedge in knee osteoarthritis in relieving pain and improving quality of life. Dr Abdul Salam
  12. Impact on quality of life in patients with knee OA in Faisalabad. Dr Abdul Salam
  13. Prevalence of COPD in different occupations. Dr Zahra Jabeen
  14. Physical therapy students attitude towards older people and their willingness in geriatrics as a career. Dr Zahra Jabeen
  15. Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in nurses of allied and DHQ hospital Faisalabad. Dr Zermeen Zerish
  16. comparison of effectiveness of TENS vs Exercise therapy for non specific low back pain. Dr Zermeen Zerish
  17.  Patient’s satisfaction from physical therapy services in out patient set up of Faisalabad. Dr Zermeen Zerish
  18.  Prevalence  of neck pain in computer operators. Dr Nadeem Younis
  19.  Level of actual physical fitness and its perception among students of physical therapy in Lahore. Dr Tahir Mehmood
  20.  Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in the faculty of medical institutes of Lahore. Dr Tahir Mehmood
  21.  Comparison of fitness level between rural and urban students of physiotherapy in Punjab. Dr Tahir Mehmood
  22. Prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome and associated risk factors in computer users in Franchises (GSM companies) in Faisalabad. Dr Wajeeha Fatima
  23. Association between low back pain and prolonged standing among university teachers of Faisalabad. Dr Maria Jamil
  24. Association between low back pain and prolonged standing among university teachers of Faisalabad. Dr Sidra Majeed