Student’s Research Projects

[sawarp][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2009-2014“]

Group No Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Mahum Rauf (DPT-FA09-061)

Wajeeha Fatima (DPT-FA09-049)

Zaineb Sheraz (DPT-FA09-048)

Nida Farooq (DPT-FA09-085)

Prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome and associated risk factors in computer users in Franchises ( GSM companies) in Faisalabad Dr. Ghulam Fatima; PT
2. Iqra Waseem (DPT-FA09-069)

Sameera Rasool (DPT-FA09-027)

Shaheera Ajmal (DPT-FA09-032)

Sana Waqar (DPT-FA09-059)

Prevalence of neck shoulder and back pain and its contributing factors in Surgeons of five hospitals of Faisalabad Dr. Ghulam Fatima; PT
3. Gulraiz Gul (DPT-FA09-071)

Qurat U Lain (DPT-FA09-083)

Tahira Parveen (DPT-FA09-086)

Noreen Kiran (DPT-FA09-098)

Prevalence of cervical pain and its contributing factors in bank officers of Faisalabad Dr. Nazia Safraz; PT
4. Sidra Mushtaq (DPT-FA09-099)

Iqra Nadeem (DPT-FA09-079)

Nimra Naseem (DPT-FA09-008)

Rumaisa Hussain (DPT-FA09-029)

Association between high heels and low back pain in young female students of GC university Faisalabad Dr. Nazia Safraz; PT
5. Jaweria Afzal (DPT-FA09-047)

Ayesha Tehreem (DPT-FA09-019)

Maria Kokab (DPT-FA09-052)

Sahar Ashraf ( DPT-FA09-021)

The prevalence of LBP and its consequences on ADL’s in third trimester of pregnancy at Madinah teaching hospital Faisalabad Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
6. Kanwal Fatima (DPT-FA09-055)

Anum Nawaz (DPT-FA09-030)

Ambreen Zahid (DPT-FA09-007)

Chahat Waseem (DPT-FA09-034)

Attitude of DPT students of TUF towards their personal and professional behaviors Dr. Hifza Naseer; PT
7. Saima Bibi (DPT-FA09-064)

Qurat U Lain (DPT-FA09-088)

Fiba Sherwani (DPT-FA09-078)

Prevalence of LBP and its associated factors in Factory workers of Nishat Mills Limited Sheikhupura Dr. Hifza Naseer; PT
8. Shazia Ijaz (DPT-FA09-063)

Sana Sahir (DPT-FA09-023)

Iqra Khalid (DPT-FA09-042)

Prevalence of neck and LBP and its associated factors in dentists of De Montmorency hospital Lahore Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
9. Misbah Muhammad Ali (DPT-FA09-070)

Fakher Un Nisa (DPT-FA09-026)

Umm E Kalsoom (DPT-FA09-081)

Epidemiological and demographical profile of diagnosed frozen shoulder in patients above 40 years of age presenting at physiotherapy department Mayo hospital Lahore in year 2013 Dr. Faiza Amjed; PT
10. Tasbeeha Kokab (DPT-FA09-072)

Saima Rafique (DPT-FA09-064)

Zobia Rafique (DPT-FA09-096)

Prevalence of LBP in 3rd and 4th year students of physiotherapy at TUF Dr. Zunaira; PT
11. Maryam Zafar (DPT-FA09-039)

Fatima Munawar (DPT-FA09-080)

Mehar Asif (DPT-FA09-004)

Prevalence of neck pain and frequently assumed posture of the drivers at the University of Faisalabad Dr.Iqra Ishaq; PT
12. Mehwish Zaheer (DPT-FA09-001)

Kinza Saroosh (DPT-FA09-018)

Sadiqa Suleman (DPT-FA09-062)

Prevalence of LBP and its associated risk factors among bankers of Faisalabad Dr. Zunaira; PT
13. Anum Tariq (DPT-FA09-006)

Mahat  Zafar (DPT-FA09-025)

Sana Hanif (DPT-FA09-020)

Competency of physical therapy interns of University of Faisalabad, Batch 2009-2014 in Patient management Dr. Sidra Ashraf; PT
14. Maria Irum (DPT-FA09-015)

Areej (DPT-FA09-002)

Zarmeen Zerish (DPT-FA09-035)

Prevalence of MSK disorders and work related associated factors among nurses of Allied and DHQ hospital Faisalabad Dr.Iqra Ishaq; PT
15. Ayesha Anwar (DPT-FA09-013)

Saba Pervaiz (DPT-FA09-046)

Iqra Umer (DPT-FA09-033)_

Prevalence and associated factors of LBP in doctors of DHQ hospital Faisalabad Dr. Sidra Ashraf; PT
16. Fatima Tariq (DPT-FA09-037)

Aiman Mehmood (DPT-FA09-043)

Prevalence of neck pain disability among dentists of Faisalabad Mr. Shahid Ahmed Heera
17. Sana Islam (DPT-FA09-089)

Saira Irshad (DPT-FA09-095)

Sibgha Javed (DPT-FA09-090)

Entrepreneurial aptitude among final year students of MBBS, BDS and DPT in the University of Faisalabad Mr. Shahid Ahmed Heera
18. Nida Naseer (DPT-FA09-057)

Nayab Cheema (DPT-FA09-012)

Arifa Younas (DPT-FA09-054)

Prevalence of low back pain in  MTHStaff (doctors) Dr. Sumera Malik; PT
19. Sidra Majeed (DPT-FA09-03)

Maria Jamil (DPT-FA09-022)

Fatima Sharif (DPT-FA09-075)

Association between low back pain and prolonged standing among university teachers of Faisalabad Dr. Faiza Amjed; PT
20. Ayesha Rasheed (DPT-FA10-033)

Ilza Shoukat (DPT-FA09-094)

Nisar Fatima (DPT-FA09-016)

Efficacy of TENS in pain management after vaginal delivery in Gujrat city Dr. Sumera Malik; PT
21. Ayesha Razzaq (DPT-FA09-067)

Sana Shareef (DPT-FA09-014)

Prevalence of shoulder, neck and low back pain in nurses of Nishtar hospital Multan Mr Kashif Shaffi; PT
22. Rabab Kompal (DPT-FA09-087)

Sahar Aslam (DPT-FA09-065)

Prevalence of low back, neck and shoulder pain and associated risk factors among senior semester students of The University of Faisalabad Mr Kashif Shaffi; PT
23. Maimoona Yaqub (DPT-FA09-017)

Kaneez Fatima (DPT-FA09-092)

Trends of physiotherapy services, staffing and modalities at physiotherapy centers of Faisalabad Mr Kashif Shaffi; PT

[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2010-2015“]

Group No. Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Amna Mehtab (DPT-FA10-083)

Sundas Farooq (DPT-FA10-016)

Quality of life after total hip replacement Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
2. Aqsa Anam (DPT-FA10-043)

Adeera Azam (DPT-FA10-074)

Hira Gulzar (DPT-FA10-075)

Anam Oresh (DPT-FA10-024)

Importance of psychological content in sports physiotherapy. A cross sectional survey Dr. Sunaina Munir; PT
3. Ambrina Rasool (DPT-FA10-081)

Maryam Saleem (DPT-FA10-070)

Saba Maqbool (DPT-FA10-078)

Evaluation of risk factors & prevalence of work related complaints of arm, neck and shoulder among office computer workers Dr. Sunaina Munir; PT
4. Aiza Nasir (DPT-FA10-006)

Ayesha Rehman (DPT-FA10-033)

Hira Shehzad Alvi (DPT-FA10-014)

Fatima Amjad (DPT-FA10-063)

Work related Msk disorders in physiotherapist in Faisalabad, Lahore and Islamabad Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
5. Afeefa Ashraf (DPT-FA09-036)

Hadia Nadeem (DPT-FA10-022)

Fizza Waheed (DPT-FA09-050)

Muqaddas Shehzadi (DPT-FA09-040)

Comparison of Cryotherapy and heat therapy to relieve DOMS among new gym users Dr. Sunaina Munir; PT
6. Syble Chirag (DPT-FA10-040)

Khadija Rehman (DPT-FA10-045)

Madeeha Nabi (DPT-FA10-055)

Iffrah Anwar (DPT-FA10-059)

Survey on physician’s knowledge about Physical Therapy Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
7. Sumroz Abid (DPT-FA10-026)

Maida Khalid (DPT-FA10-005)

Amara Afzal (DPT-FA09-082)

The association of causes of pain in neck,Shoulder and low back among middle levelSchool children in semi-government schools ofFaisalabad Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
8. Marium Mehmood (DPT-FA10-079)

Muntaha Mushtaq (DPT-FA10-084)

Arooj Jillani (DPT-FA10-038)

Nimra Ansa (DPT-FA10-062)

Risk of falls in elderly population Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
9. Munazza Rasheed (DPT-FA10-031)

Raffia Tariq (DPT-FA10-008)

Qandeel Malik(DPT-FA10-010)

Iqra Tahir (DPT-FA10-025)

Current clinical practices used by physical therapists in stroke rehabilitation in Faisalabad Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
10. Khadija Ikram (DPT-FA10-012)

Rida Fatima (DPT-FA10-054)

Nighat Shamshad (DPT-FA10-065)

Level of patient’s satisfaction of msk physical therapy care and associating factors of satisfaction Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
11. Rida Tahir (DPT-FA10-032)

Farrukh Qasim (DPT-FA10-027)

Maria Majeed (DPT-FA10-053)

Mariam Tariq (DPT-FA10-046)

Prevalence of neck tension syndrome in female tailors Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
12. Falak Naz (DPT-FA10-001)

Rukhsana Kausar (DPT-FA09-011)

Prevalence of cervical and shoulder pain among dental students Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
13. Madiha Saba (DPT-FA10-073)

Fatima Tahir (DPT-FA10-036)

Saira Ijaz (DPT-FA09-044)

Sana Kanwal (DPT-FA10-029)

Job satisfaction and desire to emigrate among PTs of Faisalabad Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
14. Saira Ismail (DPT-FA10-003)

Zarish Ishaq (DPT-FA10-002)

Tooba Zaidi (DPT-FA10-056)

Effect of sonophoresis in non specific low back pain Mrs. Summaiyah  Obaid
15. Sidra Manzoor (DPT-FA10-048)

Raheela Kausa (DPT-FA10-013)

Mehak Hamna (DPT-FA10-015)

Aroosa Azhar (DPT-FA10-017)

To evaluate the effectiveness of ischemic compression for trigger points of upper trapezius causing pain in neck among women survivors of district jail Faisalabad Mrs. Summaiyah  Obaid
16. Maria Naeem (DPT-FA09-031)

Tehmina Ghafoor (DPT-FA10-019)

Ana Avaid (DPT-FA09-010)

Naheed Munawar (DPT-FA09-003)

Entrepreneur Aptitude among physical therapy students Batch 2010-2015 Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
17. Iqra Aslam (DPT-FA10-057)

Fatima Shafi (DPT-FA09-091)

Zuneera Saif (DPT-FA09-066)

Dur-E-Nayab (DPT-FA09-073)

Survey on problems faced by females due to pelvic girdle pain during 3rd Trimester in pregnancy. Reporting at nishtar hospital multan Dr. Maria Jamil: PT
18. Kaneez Fatima (DPT-FA10-051) Prevalence of neck pain among BSCS students of The University of Faisalabad. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT

[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2011-2016“]

Group No. Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Rubina Zulfiqar (DPT-FA10-028)

Rafia Bibi (DPT-FA11-067)

Efficacy of TENS in the treatment of pain in 2nd and 3rd degree burn patients. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz: PT
2. Madiha Sabir (DPT-FA11-044)

Anum Bashir (DPT-FA11-044)

Maryam Safdar (DPT-FA11-046)

Comparison of effectiveness of TENS and stretching exercises to relieve neck pain among dentistry students. Dr. Maria Jamil: PT
3. Zara Azhar (DPT-FA11-025)

Khadija Akhund (DPT-FA11-049)

Iqra Khurshid (DPT-FA11-042)

A comparison of effects of manual therapy Vs TENS with cold packs in management of knee OA. Dr. Zahra Jabeen :PT
4. Farwah Batool (DPT-FA11-060)

Fatima Muaaz (DPT-FA11-073)

Relationship between hamstring tightness and chronic low back pain. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
5. Asfa Shehzadi (DPT-FA11-074) Efficacy of electrical stimulation in treatment of Bell’s Palsy. Dr. Sameera Rasool; PT
6. Aneela Umer (DPT-FA11-024)

Nawal Zahid (DPT-FA11-072)

Eimen Shahbaz (DPT-FA11-001)

MSK discomfort and work station evaluation in computer users of banks. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
7. Hafsa Anum (DPT-FA11-062)

Shafaq Naeem (DPT-FA11-082)

Hafiza Wajeeha (DPT-FA11-043)

Effects of static vs. dynamic stretching exercises on balance performance in older adults. Dr. Zahra Jabeen :PT
8. Syeda Maira Zaidi (DPT-FA11-008)

Aneeqa Shahid (DPT-FA11-070)

Comparison of effectiveness of ultrasound and isometric exercises for nonspecific neck pain. Dr. Iqra Ishaq: PT
9. Munazza Waseem (DPT-FA10-082) Prevalence of MSK problems in diabetic patients and awareness of physiotherapy among them. Dr. Iqra Ishaq: PT
10. QuraT-ul-Ain (DPT-FA11-078)

Nayab Yaqoob (DPT-FA11-080)

Prevalence of rounded shoulders among seated workers of TUF Dr. Iqra Ishaq: PT
11. Ambreen Tahir (DPT-FA11-084)

Ayesha Hameed (DPT-FA11-081)

Shamim Mahmooda (DPT-FA11-063)

Comparison of effects of TENS and Ultrasound therapy with TENS therapy on pain and ROM in female patients with knee osteoarthritis. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
12. Samar Javed (DPT-FA11-012)

Shiffa Jamil (DPT-FA10-060)

Effects of breathing exercises on COPD patients. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
13. Memoona Younus (DPT-FA11-023)

Asma Sattar (DPT-FA11-021)

QuraT-ul-Ain (DPT-FA11-005)

Trends of Physiotherapy services, staffing and modalities at physiotherapy centers of Faisalabad. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
14. Faiza Naser (DPT-FA11-030)

Ammara Arshad (DPT-FA11-038)

Iqra Ali (DPT-FA11-029)

Comparison of dynamic balance between flat feet and normal feet using Star Excursion Balance Test. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
15. Amna Iqbal (DPT-FA10-035)

Ayesha Saeed (DPT-FA10-009)

Awareness of physiotherapy in school and colleges of Sangla hill District Nankana Sahib. Dr. Sameera Rasool ;PT
16. Iqra Nazir (DPT-FA10-018)

Maham Saleem (DPT-FA10-068)

Effects of calf stretching vs. planter fascia stretching in treatment of planter fascists in nurses of Aziz Fatimah hospital of Faisalabad Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
17. Aisha Shahid (DPT-FA11-068)

Saba Arshad (DPT-FA11-079)

Amna Irum (DPT-FA11-089)

Prevalence of Pes Planus in the students of TUF and its association with BMI and footwear. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
18. Tayyaba Azam (DPT-FA10-062)

Asma Aleem (DPT-FA10-064)

Comparative effect of static and dynamic stretching to improve flexibility of Hamstring muscles among Non-athletes. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
19. Sundus Izhar (DPT-FA11-003)

Noor us Saba (DPT-FA11-057)

Rida Fatima (DPT-FA10-023)

Prevalence of MSK disorders among waiters of Koh e nor city Faisalabad. Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
20. Shaheen Noor (DPT-FA11-083)

Aneela Sana (DPT-FA11-052)

Zunaira Umber (DPT-FA11-032)

Prevalence of carpel tunnel syndrome in third trimester of pregnancy and its effects on functional activities in Allied hospital and Madinah Teaching hospital Faisalabad. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
21. Kaneez Sadia (DPT-FA11-051)

Aqsa Rafi (DPT-FA11-002)

Sumera Karamat (DPT-FA11-066)

Comparison of effect of shoulder isometrics and resisted exercises in addition to joint mobilization in patients of frozen shoulder. Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
22. Ifrah Shahid (DPT-FA11-090)

Anam Zahra (DPT-FA11-007)

Mariam Iqbal (DPT-FA11-014)

Survey on Foot and Ankle pain, its impact on functional activities and associated factors in university teachers. Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
23. Ayesha Niaz (DPT-FA11-015)

Sana Qaiser (DPT-FA11-087)

Ergonomic evaluation of sonographic workstation its relationship with MSK disorder in major hospitals of Faisalabad. Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
24. Memona Younas (DPT-FA11-055)

Shahrukh Gillani (DPT-FA10-072)

Sana Akhter (DPT-FA11-047)

To evaluate the effectiveness of chest physical therapy post-operatively after major abdominal surgeries Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
25. Umme Rubab (DPT-FA10-041)

Rubina Naz (DPT-FA10-042)

Samreen Said (DPT-FA11-039)

Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in puerperium phase and associated risk factors. Dr. Sameera Rasool; PT
26. Hira Mann (DPT-FA10-071)

Iqra Ghafoor (DPT-FA10-021)

Amina Ibrahim (DPT-FA11-004)

The relationship between pain, Quadriceps strength and functional activity in grade 2 knee O.A patients. Dr. Sameera Rasool; PT
27. Arooj Hameed (DPT-FA11-059)

Haleema A. Qayyum (DPT-FA11-018)

Nayab Yousaf (DPT-FA11-028)

Knowledge, perception and utilization of physiotherapy practices by Obs and Gynae in private and govt. hospitals of Faisalabad. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
28. Aqsa Tariq (DPT-FA11-071)

Hina Tahir (DPT-FA11-027)

Rabia Tariq (DPT-FA11-075)

Calcaneal eversion in Obese females and associated factors. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
29. Aroosa Ashraf (DPT-FA10-058)

Mehvish Javed (DPT-FA10-047)

A study of risk factors of Piriformis Syndrome among chronic low back pain patients. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
30. Nosheen Afshan (DPT-FA11-045)

Taleeha Zahid Ayesha (DPT-FA11-034)

Prevalence of upper limb problems in mobile users. Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
31. Aqsa Saman (DPT-FA11-48)

Anam Maqbool (DPT-FA11-058)

Iqra Altaf (DPT-FA11-033)

Effects of running and stretching exercises on primary dysmenorrhea in adolescent girls. Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
32. Lieza Iftikhar (DPT-FA11-050)

Mavra Siddique (DPT-FA11-026)

Comparison of 1st year and final year medical students’ attitude towards older population. Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT

[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2012-2017“]

Group No. Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Faiza Liaqat (DPT-FA09-084)

Maleeha Anwar (DPT-FA12-055)

Mina Qalab (DPT-FA11-076)

Fall prevention strategies used by physical therapist in hospitals of Faisalabad Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
2. Ayesha Akram (DPT-FA12-003)

Ayesha Faiz (DPT-FA12-025)

Effects of gluteus maximus activation on non-specific low back pain. Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
3. Sanam Javed (DPT-FA12-083)

Mahroz Mehmood (DPT-FA12-071)

Marium Asif (DPT-FA12-072)

Comparison of l4 and   l5 facet joint mobilization and static stretching on hamstring extensibility in non specific low back patient Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
4. Iqra Zulfiqar (DPT-FA12-087)

Aimen Maqsood (DPT-FA12-049)

Hina Hamid (DPT-FA12-076)

The effects of exercises on insomnia Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
5. Nirmal Javed (DPT-FA12-007)

Affreenish Farrukh (DPT-FA12-009)

Ramisha Ijaz (DPT-FA12-038)

Assesment of balance in healthy population  from fourth to seventh decade of life in both male and female gender Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
6.  Ayesha Maqbool (DPT-FA12-054)

Sana Asghar (DPT-FA12-010)

Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in care givers of handicap children Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
7. Maria Idrees (DPT-FA12-058)

Samina Mukhtar (DPT-FA12-082)

Sonia Sikander (DPT-FA12-040)

Turvey on prevalence of risk factors and prevention strategies for musculoskeletal disorders among physiotherapist of faisalabad. Dr.  Maria Jamil; PT
8. Anam Ziarat (DPT-FA12-022)

Anam Khaliq (DPT-FA12-086)

Qandeel Ishfaq (DPT-FA12-065)

The prevalence of mechanical low backpain and  its associated risk factors in motorway police Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
9. Khoula Tariq (DP-FA12-023)

Sehrish Gull (DPT-FA12-052)

RabiaJaved (DPT-FA12-043)

Relative efficacy  of strengthening exercises and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in mechanical low back pain and functional limitation among nurses Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
10. Tanzila Badar (DPT-FA12-062)

Amna Chohan (DPT-FA12-019)

Survey on learning style preferences among undergraduate dpt students at the university of faisalabad Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
11.  Sehar Zahid CH (DPT-FA12-031)

Afreen Zafar (DPT-FA12-032)

Samra Aslam (DPT-FA12-041)

Measuring the quality of life in myocardial infarction and post cabg patients in fsd Mrs. Summaiyah Obaid
12. Nida Bukhari (DPT-FA12-064)

Nosheen Zahid (DPT-FA12-039)

Comparison between effects of deep friction massage, ischemic compression and passive stretching for the treatment of myofascial trigger points in neck and upper back Dr. Mahvish Musharraf; PT
13. Syeda Abera (DPT-FA12-070)

Anam Ali (DPT-FA12-079)

Mobeen Javed (DPT-FA12-084)

Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in 1st 2nd & 3rd trimester of pregnancy Dr. Noreen Kiran ;PT
14. Komal Tariq (DPT-FA12-073)

Fatima Aleem (DPT-FA12-066)

Ayesha Zia (DPT-FA12-029)

Pain characteristics and balance confidence in relation to fall risk in older adults with msk pain Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
15.  Abeera Kaleem (DPT-FA12-048)

Mehwish Abdul Rehman (DPT-FA12-013)

Bareeha Fatima (DPT-FA12-020)

Interventions / strategies to increase patients adherence to exercise program in chronic low back pain Dr. Zahra Jabeen; PT
16. Umme Farwa (DPT-FA12-063)

Minal Gul (DPT-FA12-014)

Tuba Almas (DPT-FA12-050)

Factor causing exams and anxiety in physiotherapy students of tuf Dr. Maria Jamil; PT
17. Aqsa Abdul Razaq (DPT-FA12-008)

Fatma Shahid (DPT-FA12-006)

Effectiveness of walking in knee osteoarthrits Dr. Noreen Kiran; PT
18. Mehreen Ilahi (DPT-FA12-027)

Sara Aslam (DPT-FA12-028)

Fizza Iqbal (DPT-FA11-086)

Identification of risk of fall and its association with biomechanical characteristics of gait in patients with knee osteoarthrits Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
19. Mehmoona Shaukat (DPT-FA12-021)

Sarwat Almas (DPT-FA11-088)

Screening in school children for gals Dr. Nazia Sarfraz; PT
20. Fatima Qasim ( DPT-FA12-001)

Sara Manzoor (DPT-FA12-017)

Comparison of complete decongestive therapy with intermittent pneumatic compression for the management of lymphedema Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
21. Jrum Ali (DPT-FA12-018)

Munza parveen (DPT-FA12-046)

Aroosa Ishfaq (DPT-FA12-033)

Effect of high intensity interval training and moderate intensity continous training on cardiovascular endurance in young healthy female Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
22. Palvasha Naz (DPT-FA12-011)

Bakhtawar Khan (DPT-FA13-001)

Prevalence of various disabilities and their impact on overall  health and quality of life aiming handicapped children of special education schools of faisalabad Dr. Sidra Majeed; PT
23. Nimra Waseem (DPT-FA12-037)

Sara Khalid (DPT-FA12-015)

Prevalence of acute backache following spinal anesthesia and its association with demographic and surgical factors Dr. Mahvish Musharraf ;PT


[/sawcon][sawcon title=”Research Projects Session 2013-2018“]

Group No. Group Members Topic Supervisor
1. Afaq Ahmad

Farrukh Abbas

Musculoskelatal disorders in officers serving Habib Bank Limited Faisalabad Region, Faisalabad Dr. Ahmad Bilal PT
2. Umair Nawaz

Bilal Awan

Prevalence of low back pain and work related risk factors among school teachers of faisalabad city. Dr. Ahmad Bilal PT
3. Hasan Javed

Haseeb Tahir

Text neck syndrome in students of The University of Faisalabad Dr. Ahmad Bilal PT
4. Hassam Sarwar

Yasir Nazir

Prevalence of frozen shoulder in diabetic patients of Faisalabad city… Dr. Osama Saeed PT
5. Kashan Aslam Khan Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Computer Users Working in MCB Bank of Faisalabad City. Dr. Osama Saeed PT
6. M Usman Zafar

Shah Noor

Compression of physical Activities Between Hostelite And Day Scholar Student’s of The University of Faisalabad (Engineering campus) Dr Ahmed Bilal Arif PT
7. Zeeshan Ali

M. Adil Naeem

A survey of awareness about physical therapy among general practitioners of Faisalabad city Dr.  Osama Saeed PT
8. Ali Raza

Shahroz Saleem

Plantar fasciitis in overweight patients of Government hospitals of Faisalabad city. Dr.Ahmad Bilal Arif PT