Postgraduate’s Projects

Sr # Student Name Research Name Supervisor Name
1 Mehak Hamna Zahra Gillani  DPT-FA10-015 Effectiveness of ischemic compression and muscle energy
techniques in upper trapezius myofascial triggers points.
Dr. Sumaiyah Obaid ; PT
2 Sidra Majeed DPT-FA09-075 Effectiveness of physiotherapy management protocol upon
muscle function and quality of life after modified radical mastectomy
Dr. Sumaiyah Obaid ; PT
3 Hadia Nadeem DPT-FA10-022 Comparison of effects of isometrics and stretching for mechanical neck pain Dr. Sumaiyah Obaid ; PT
4 Mariam Tariq DPT-FA10-046 Effectiveness of isometric exercises and general exercises in neck pain of female swing machine operator Dr. Nazia Sarfraz, PT
5 Nisar Fatima


Efficacy of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for managing pain after caesarean section Dr. Nazia Sarfraz, PT
6 Saira Irshad DPT-FA09-095 Thoracic spine mobilization effectiveness in treatment for frozen shoulder. Dr. Iqra Ishaq ;PT
7 Maria Jamil DPT-FA09-022 Effectiveness of active stretching exercises for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea Dr. Iqra Ishaq ;PT
8 Rabab Kompal DPT-FA09-087 Impact of immediate effect of soft tissue mobilization on patients with mechanical neck pain Dr. Zahra Jabeen ;PT
9 AmbreenTahir


Comparative effects of cross frictional massage and post- isometric stretching on spasticity and range of motion in children with spastic cerebral palsy Dr. Nazia Sarfraz, PT
10 Mahvish Musharraf Randhawa


Comparison between muscle energy technique  vs. dynamic soft  tissue mobilization on hamstring tightness in symptomatic subjects Dr. Nazia Sarfraz, PT
11 Maryam Safdar


Comparative effectiveness of cervical mobilization and stretching exercise with or without upper thoracic mobilization on nonspecific neck pain. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz, PT
12 Rubina Zulfqar DPT-FA10-028 Pulsed Shortwave diathermy and joint mobilization for the management of postoperative complications after injury or surgery with implanted metal. Dr. Nazia Sarfraz, PT
13 Rafia Tariq DPT-FA10-008 Effectiveness of mulligan’s technique for treatment of 2nd and 3rd grade of knee osteoarthritis. Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
14 Anum BashirDPT-FA11-054 Comparison Of Effectiveness Of Motor Control Exercises And Core Stability Exercises To Treat Nonspecific Mechanical Low Back Pain Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
15 Shamim Mahmooda


Effect of Mulligans Mobilization with Movement versus myofascial release in addition to usual care on pain and range in knee osteoarthritis Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
16 Iqra Ali


Effect of manual therapy mobilization techniques Maitland versus Mulligan in treating patients with frozen shoulder Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
17 Madiha Sabir


Comparison of Macquarie Injury management group Myofascial Mobilization and Maitland Mobilization on Grade II  Knee Osteoarthritis Dr. Iqra Ishaq; PT
18 Sahar Ashraf   DPT-FA09-021 Comparison Of The Efficacy Of Ketoprofen And Aquasonic Gel In The Management Of Non-Specific Low Back Pain Dr. Nazia Sarfraz, PT
19 Zarmeen Zerish DPT-FA09-035 Comparison Of Effectiveness Of Exercises Therapy Verses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation For Management Of Nonspecific Low Back Pain Dr. Zahra Jabeen, PT
20 Maria Kokab   DPT-FA09-052 Comparison Of Motorized Intermittent Lumber Traction And William Flexion Exercises For Decreasing Pain And Disability Level In Patients Of Nonspecific Low Back Pain Dr.Sumaiyah Obaid, PT
21 Qurat-ul-Ain    DPT-FA09-083 Comparison Between The Effectiveness Of MckenzieExercises And Williams Flexion Exercises ForTreatment Of Non- Specific Low Back Pain Dr. Iqra Ishaq, PT