About Us


  • To provide quality education to students, develop reflective thinking, decision making power in every student.
  • To equip students with professional, ethical, social, cultural and Islamic values.
  • Department mission is to produce skilled and competent members of health profession community who can work as a useful part of society.

Vision Statement

To prepare future Doctors of Physical Therapy who can enhance optimal health and wellness of individuals with Neurological, Musculoskeletal, Gynecological, and Cardiopulmonary dysfunctions, and their related limitations in movement. These professionals will  work for the well-being of Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric Population following the obligations of evidence based practice and contribute with valuable research work.


  • To equip students with basic medical knowledge.
  • To Provision of sound foundation in patient assessment, counseling and rehab on short term and long term basis.
  • To produce qualified physical therapists for hospitals, academic settings, sports settings, fitness centers and research organizations.
  • To provide appropriate cost effective treatment plans for patients and clients.
  • To develop and maintain collaboration with national and international bodies concerned with physical therapy services.
  • To provide leadership, management, successful oral and written communication skills and apply high standards of professional integrity and ethical values.

Scope of Practice

  • Clinical practitioner in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers and NGO’s
  • Out Patient clinical specialist
  • In-patient hospital consultant
  • Geriatric specialist doing extended care practices in old homes
  • Rehabilitation expert in Sports Trauma
  • Clinical practice in Hospice
  • Community based rehabilitation expert in special education schools
  • Physical therapist and fitness instructor in fitness centers
  • Ergonomist/work setting expert
  • Physical therapist in Industrial or Occupational Environment
  • Lectureship in academic settings
  • Evidence based research officers in Research organizations
  • Policy makers in Local state and federal government

Salient features

  • State of the art Infrastructure.
  • Qualified and experienced faculty members.
  • Fully equipped laboratories.
  • Provision of Hospital set up of 600 bedded – Madinah Teaching Hospital
  • Department of Physical Therapy treated more than 31,472 patients in year 2016.
  • Problem based learning & competencies.
  • Research oriented environment.
  • CPD workshops/seminars
  • Free camp for community serving.
  • Educational tours.
  • Student’s correspondence via LMS.
  • Scholarships (merit based, kinship based) & Financial Assistance
  • Transport facility.
  • Hostel accommodation.
  • Career counseling and regular motivation of students.