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    I welcome all at the School of Optometry. As a School we are committed to ensure an integral formation of eye care professionals. We have implemented a comprehensive curriculum review to raise the level of knowledge and experience of our students and graduates as they prepare to face the future challenges of optometry. In addition to professional training, research is also the indispensable component in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our goal of incorporating research in the curriculums is to nurture our students to be reflective and critical scientific agents and boost their potentials as researchers. Optometry thirsts for candidates who are well-developed, have of scientific mind and communication skills. As a career, optometry is a gratifying profession that allows you to make contributions to the well-being of the community and earns respect from patients and other health care practitioners. Optometry is a rewarding profession and I invite you to join our queue in serving the community.
    Kalsoom Rani 
    Assistant Professor
    Low Vision Rehabilitation Specialist
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