Scheme of Studies


Course code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-111 English-I (Functional English) 3(3-0)
IS-112 Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2(2-0)
IT-113 Introduction to Computing 3(2-1)
PHY-112 Physiology-I (General concepts) 3(2-1)
ANA-114 Anatomy-I (General concepts) 3(2-1)
BIO-101 Biochemistry 3(2-1)
Credit Hours 17


Course code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-121 English –II (Functional English) 3(3-0)
PS-121 Pakistan Studies 2(2-0)
IT-122 Computer Applications-II 3(2-1)
DS-127 Structure and Function of Skin 3(2-1)
CHEM-128 Organic Chemistry (Basics) 3(3-0)
PATH-211 Pathology-I (General and Microbiology) 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 17


Course code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-216 Technical Writing & Presentation Skills 3(3-0)
PHA-301 Pharmacology 3(2-1)
CHEM-217 Organic Chemistry (Advanced) 3(2-1)
CM-223 Community Dermatology 3(2-1)
DERMA-225 Principles of Nutrition and Health 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 15


Course code Course Title Credit Hours
PATH-221 Pathology-II (Pathophysiology of Skin Diseases) 3(2-1)
CS-124 Cosmetic sciences-I (Fundamentals) 3(3-0)
RM-214 Research Methodology-I 3(2-1)
DERMA-416 Infections and Infestations 3(2-1)
DERMA-412 Therapeutics 3(3-0)


Course code Course Title Credit Hours
BS-314 Behavioral Sciences 3(3-0)
RM-224 Research Methodology-II 3(1-2)
DERMA-317 Adverse effects of Cosmetics and drugs 3(3-0)
DERMA-318 Inflammatory Skin Diseases 3(3-0)
PC-319 Patient Care 3(2-1)
CS-212 Cosmetic sciences-II (Manufacturing cosmetics formulations, labeling and packaging) 3(2-1)
Credit Hours 18


Course code Course Title Credit Hours
DERMA-321 Dermatology and Internal Medicine-I 3(3-0)
SC-323 Skin Care in all ages 3(3-0)
stat-324 Biostatistics 3(3-0)
CS-213 Regulation/ Legislation of Cosmetic Products 3(3-0)
DERMA-325 Hair, Nail and Mucosal Disorders 3(3-0)
CS-222  Cosmetic sciences-III (Dispensing of Manufactured Formulations) 3(2-1)
Credit Hours 18


Course code Course Title Credit Hours
DS-411 Disorder of Pigmentation 3(2-1)
SC-415 Supervised Skin Care Practice-I (Basic life support) 2(1-1)
DERMA-414 Photobiology and phototherapy 3(2-1)
DERMA-418 Teledermatology & Clinical Photography 2(0-2)
MP-419 Medical Physics 2(2-0)
CS-413 Cosmetic Sciences-IV (Chemical Analysis and Stability) 3(2-1)
MS-417 Entrepreneurship 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18



Course code Course Title Credit Hours
COS-421 LASERS in Aesthetics 3(2-1)
CP-422 Cosmetic Procedures 3(2-1)
SC-423 Supervised skin care practice-II 3(1-2)
DS-425 Psycho-social Impact of Skin Disease and Health Economics 3(3-0)
MS-426 Marketing and Finance Management 3(3-0)
HE-427 Health Education 3(3-0)
Credit Hours 18
Total Credit Hours 136