• Message of HOS

    Welcome to the School of Electrical Engineering. Our mission is to serve the community at large by providing the best quality, career-integrated and outcome based education in electrical and computer system engineering. Our graduates are work and hold key posts around the globe and we produce research associates who are nationally and internationally recognized.

    We prioritize teaching students through our continuously-accredited electrical and computer system engineering degree programs. Three main fields are offered for undergraduate students: Electrical Engineering (Power), Electrical Engineering (Electronics) and Electrical Engineering (Computer System). We also offer Masters as well as PhD degree programs in Electrical Power engineering and Electrical Electronics engineering.

    As far as faculty is concerned, School of Electrical Engineering has foreign qualified faculty and research associates. The approach of the School is to make the learning process for the students interesting, participative with experimental learning, strong emphasis upon practical education and exposure to real time scenarios through strong industry linkages. Our fully equipped and standardized labs play a key role in this mission.

    Our School offers state-of-the art facilities for realization and fulfilling students’ ambitions in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

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