Programs : 

  1. BS Islamic Sciences & BS Arabic ( Language & Literature)
  2. MA Islamic Studies & MA Arabic ( Language & Literature)
  3. M.Phil Islamic Studies & M.Phil Arabic ( Language & Literature)
  4. PhD Islamic Studies & PhD Arabic ( Language & Literature)

Program Mission 

Islamic Sciences department is to provide the theological to the society of Islamic Republic of Pakistan .They can solve the contemporary issues and introduce Islam as religion of peace, tolerance and mutual harmony. The department of Islamic Sciences is striving with missionary spirit for the upbringing of the students according to the parameters of Islamic education .Focus of the department is on character building of students in the light of Quran and Sunnah so that they may be able to get actual insight of religion and contemporary worldwide issue in the right perspective as well. Main objective of this program is to make students capable of preaching Islamic Teachings as per the Introduction of Islam as the religion of peace, tolerance and mutual harmony.


  1. To enable the student to understand and take advantage from the teaching of Quran and Hadith
  2. To enable the student to get information and knowledge about the problems and difficulties of the Muslim Ummah. They could fulfill their responsibilities in this regard
  3. To facilitate the understand of the Islamic teaching and train and educate them accordingly
  4. To promote the tolerance, brotherhood, unity among the Muslim Ummah, moderation, broad-mindedness love with mortal and other value through academic activities

The program must have documented outcomes for graduating students. It must be demonstrated that the outcomes support the program objectives and that graduating students are capable of performing these outcomes.


  1. The Graduates attaining the knowledge of Islamic teachings will be able to play positive Islamic role in the society
  2. The students having high knowledge of Islamic value they could be initiated the organizational plans and execute them according to true spirit of Islam
  3. This knowledge of Islam teachings will make the students to play a constructive role in the social mortal, economical and political fields
  4. These values of Islam create the tolerance brotherhood, and moderation in their temperament
  5. Graduates possessing intermediate skill to pursue research activities
  6. Graduates will lead a balance life in the society according to the teaching of Islam
  7. Graduates will promote the Islamic values in the society
  8. The character of graduates will eradicate social evil and anti social activities from the society