School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences is one of the pioneering schools of The University of Faisalabad. Since its establishment, School has been effectively contributing to the growth of the university as well as the society at large. It plays a pivotal role in installing new spirit in the youth of nation with respect to a better comprehension of Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Jurisprudence, economic affairs and international relations. The faculty is a colorful blend of vibrant, dynamic, talented, young, experienced, dedicated and committed teachers. School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences offers BS, MA, MPhil and PhD programs in both Arabic and Islamic Sciences.

    The 5th largest language of the world Arabic is also taught here. Both modern and ancient Arabic literature is brought in focus. The art of translation is emphasized and encouraged in particular to highlight the Arabic literary personalities and their works. School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences is having the Arabic language as a major degree program which enhances the capacity of Arabic intelligibility. Islam, being the second largest religion in the world, has imprinted a deep and lasting impact on social, political, economic and moral spheres of the society. Keeping in view the cultural and geo-political situation, there is dire need to present and spread the true Islamic perception to western and non-Islamic world to counter and combat the anti-Islamic discourse.

    Since most of the Islamic teaching and literature is in Arabic, the fusion of Arabic literature and Islamic Sciences is a fine effort on the part of the university.

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