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    The world of Islam, in general and Pakistan in particular, is confronted with many problems and challenges, the solution of which lies only in following the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit. The curriculum of Islamic Sciences, therefore, has been designed to acquaint the students with as much Islamic knowledge as can enable them to cope with the situation for which they must have command over basic sources of Islam and should also have full knowledge of the history of Pakistan Movement.

    Arabic being the oldest and the most scientific living language of the world and the medium of communication of Holy Prophet (SAW) and language of the Holy Qur’an has its own importance among the international languages. Therefore a reasonable number of courses of Arabic language have been included in BS Islamic Sciences for better understanding of the concepts and details required. Hopefully the students will have good command over the language before they graduate from the University.

    The University of Faisalabad, School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences has launched BS in Islamic Sciences, MA, MPhil and PhD programmes in Islamic Sciences.

    Short courses concerning Functional Arabic, Business Arabic, Fehm-e-Qur’an

    May Almighty Allah guide and help us all in achieving the goal (Aameen).

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