Assalam o Alaikum, Optometry is a diverse and engaging health care profession, which encompasses not only the detection of refractive errors, but also detection and management of eye diseases, fitting and prescription of contact lens, care of patients with low vision, offering advice on problems with color vision, it is a very vast field that goes side by side with all other medical sciences. I welcome you all to the School of Optometry, TUF and invite you to join us in this wonderful experience to increase your insight and knowledge in vision sciences. Being the pioneers of the degree of Optometry in Pakistan, we offer you the best and most complete degree programs in this field. We cater for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Optometry, with a very well trained faculty, a team of extremely competent doctors at our sister hospital MTH and a vast array of activities to optimize your learning experience, we also have the best research opportunities available with a well-equipped postgraduate lab to boost your research and academic skills alongside excellence in clinical training. Prof.Dr. Aamir Ali Chaudhary, Head School of Optometry, The University of Faisalabad.

Message of Senior Coordinator

Assalam o Alaikum, Me and my faculty welcome you all to School of Optometry at The University of Faisalabad. We are hopeful that we will be able to cater to all your academic and extracurricular needs for making you the best possible Eye Physicians of this nation. Optometry is one of the most blessed professions as it deals with enhancing and aiding people with the gift of sight, perhaps one of the most important and most fascinating senses of the body. Here at TUF, we will offer you a comfortable, conducive environment for both M.Phil and OD students in clinical , academic and research aspects, we will also guide you through the whole process of career counselling and job applications with the assistance of my competent faculty and wonderful alumni. We are hopeful you embark on this journey with us and we ensure you it will be a memorable one. if you have any queries , i am ever present to answer them. Dr.Komal Atta Assistant Professor /Senior Coordinator, School of Optometry, The University of Faisalabad.


Our aim is to comply with vision 2020 goals set by WHO create exemplary practitioners and promote intensive research culture in vast and ever growing field of optometry. Our graduates will be equipped with all latest knowledge and practical techniques that will enable them to work as world class vision specialists


The mission of the School of Optometry is to enable our graduates to become specialized health professionals with deep knowledge and understanding of technical aspects of optometry such as orthoptics, low vision assessment and prosthesis and to inculcate magnetism to pursue excellence in Education & Research with a futuristic approach, qualities of leadership and Innovation guided by the teachings of Islam


To provide opportunities in acquiring advanced knowledge and develop expertise in vision science and enable the students to conduct research in the ophthalmic and pharmaceutical industries. Our graduates will be capable of performing duties in the hospital eye service meant for registered optometrists and in optometrist setups.

They may work in eye hospitals as:

  • Contact lens practitioners
  • Paediatric optometrists
  • Orthoptists
  • Low vision practitioners
  • Serve as consultant optometrists and dispensing advisors in corporate optical outlets
  • Work with multinational companies as technical experts


Our graduates may find jobs in both public and private sector organizations inside or outside the country as indicated below:

Public Sector

  • Public Health Departments/Hospitals
  • Teaching and Research Institutions
  • International Organizations
  • NGOs

Private Sector

  • Hospitals/ Health Care Centers
  • Teaching and Research Institutions
  • Independent clinics


School of Optometry




Asian Cultural Show


On 4th day of Spring Carnival 2019, a special event on Traditional Asian Culture was organized b

Final thesis defense of Doctor of Optometry 10th semester held on May 03, 2019. Dr Faisal Rashee

Career Counseling


A seminar on “Career Counseling” was conducted for outgoing batch of School of Optometry on



First International Conference on Myopia in Pakistan was organized by ORIC, Department of Ophtha

Research is as important as life itself. It provides building block upon which societal growth a

Every year Glaucoma awareness week is observed globally to make the public aware of vision loss

Glaucoma Awareness week is celebrated on 11th to 16th March worldwide to beat invisible glaucoma

One day free eye screening camp was conducted by School of Optometry (OD 4th semester) in Madras

One day free eye screening camp was organized by Students of Doctor of Optometry, 6th semester u

Anti-corruption Week


In celebration of Anticorruption Week, organized by Character Building Society, TUF, students of


The University of Faisalabad brings together its students, educators, researchers and scholars, as well as innovators and entrepreneurs on one forum by conducting numerous conferences throughout the year to promote emerging fields of medical, arts, science and technology midst the institute. At TUF, we ensure inflow of academic excellence along with building national and international stature of the institute by establishing best practices in education, research, infrastructure development, innovation & commercialization and community development. Hence we focus in developing internal capacity and reinforcing our sublime objectives through focused foreign visits, student and faculty exchanges & international consultative seminars and workshops etc.

scholarships/Financial Assistance

Scholarship and Financial Aid

The University of Faisalabad is a well-recognized institution for higher learning in Pakistan. It is the strategy of TUF to invest in the personal, academic and professional growth of students. This investment requires a financial partnership between the university and students. TUF firmly believes that no one should be deprived of getting education merely on the grounds of inability to fulfill the financial requirement. The following various scholarship/financial assistance schemes are available to facilitate on merit and needy/deserving students.

Merit Based Scholarships

Significant number of students earn this category of scholarship every year based on their results. The results are evaluated by the University and the award is announced according to the merit.

Alumni Scholarships

Alumni/ae of TUF is awarded scholarship of 50% waiver in tuition fee for further education at TUF. This is a true depiction as how keen is TUF in attracting its alumni/ae, while upholding and promoting the up straight vision of the university.

Kinship Scholarship

The first, second and third kin of alumni/ae and existing participants (brother, sister, husband, wife, son and daughter) are awarded 10%, 15% and 20% waiver on tuition fee respectively. This award is simply introduced to reduce the financial burden on the parents/guardians.

Outstanding Sportsmen / Women Scholarship

Outstanding sportsmen/women having national color are awarded 100% tuition fee waiver. The award is introduced to invoke and promote the spirit of sport in the youth of Pakistan.

Special Person (Disabled) Scholarship

All certified special students are given 10% waiver in tuition fee. This award has a special importance in promoting the disabled to continue with their academics and pave a way of their success.

Fatima, Zainab and Rafique Scholarships

Fatima, Zainab and Rafique scholarships are awarded to the students who demonstrate academic excellence by achieving marks above 90%, between 87.5% to 89.99% and between 85% to 87.49% respectively at the end of the semester in each degree program.

Scholarship for SOS Village

100% waiver in entire degree fee for all the students from SOS Village is awarded.

Rules Governing Scholarships & Financial Awards

  • a. Fatima, Zainab & Rafiq scholarships are awarded to as many as 10% of the size of the class.
  • b. Scholarship is paid to supplement tuition fee only. All other charges (where applicable) are to be paid by the student.
  • c. A student is eligible for one scholarship only. In case a student is eligible for two or more scholarships, the one with highest amount is awarded and the rest is withdrawn.
  • d. It is mandatory for every scholarship holder to finish his/ her enrolled program in the prescribed minimum duration of the program. No extension of award is provided beyond the standard duration of the course/degree.
  • e. Award of scholarship is withdrawn if:
    • i. Attendance falls below 75%.
    • ii. Student gets “F” grade in any subject.
    • iii. Student is involved in any disciplinary case i.e., involvement in political, unethical and anti state activities etc.
    • iv. The GPA/CGPA falls below the prescribed limit as mentioned in each clause
  • f. However, restrictions at e (I and IV) are removed as soon as the student improves in the forthcoming semester.
  • g. The policy is subject to revision as and when required by the competent authority

Talented students who are financially incapable of meeting cost of education at TUF can avail the financial assistance/ scholarships from the followings:

  • 1. Workers Welfare Fund
  • 2. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) Scholarships
  • 3. Benevolent Fund
  • 4. Fauji Foundation
  • 5. Madinah Foundation

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Student Societies

Student Societies are considered as one of the cardinal features of learning, The University of Faisalabad promotes the participation in variety of physical, intellectual, athletic and recreational activities, and provides students with opportunities to engage in the activities of their choice at various skill levels, providing virtual real-life environments that directly contribute to the development of student leadership amid increased collaboration between the individual club.

  • Religious Society
  • Literary Society
  • Cultural Society
  • Community Services Society
  • Dramatic Society
  • Musical Society
  • Art Society
  • Publication Society
  • Sports Society
  • Blood Donors Society
  • Model United Nation Society
  • Photography Society
  • Adventure Society
  • Student Welfare Society
  • Character Building Society
  • Rehabilitation Society


Amna Hall, Khadija Hall, Ayesha Hall, Fatima Hall, Zainab Hall, Ruqaiya Hall, and TUFIANS are hostels having furnished rooms to accommodate more than 1200 students. These halls provide a number of facilities including TV lounges, common rooms, study rooms, Wi-Fi, prayer rooms and kitchens. All students residing in the hostel are expected to conform to rules and regulations framed from time to time.


Food catering service having a wide range of quality snacks and meals at modest prices is available throughout the day.


Branches of Habib Metropolitan Bank are opened for facilitating the students and employees of the university in making financial transactions. ATM machines are also installed in the University.


The university has out-sourced transport to facilitate students in their pick and drop from and to the University.