Welcome to the Department of Engineering Technology at the University of Faisalabad.

Our goal is to become a national model for the delivery of high-quality, affordable, technically-oriented education by focusing on student-centered learning and the integration of hands-on laboratory and industry-based experiences. Our Degree Program provide the practical experience in demand among employers as Technology Leaders.

The undergraduate BSc Engineering Technology (BSET) program includes two disciplines: Electrical Engineering Technology and Civil Engineering Technology

Our faculty members provide students with a strong foundation of engineering technology practices and stimulate students’ interest by using a problem-solving approach in state-of-the-art laboratories. These labs serve as training centers for undergraduate ET students as well as for the workforce of industry.

The Engineering Technology program is the best choice for students who are oriented to solving practical problems and learn best when given hands-on experiences. ET graduates are applications-oriented with a solid background in applied mathematics, physics, science and engineering technology. They are able to produce practical results in industrial environment, install and operate technical systems, develop and produce products, provide service and maintenance of industrial equipment and systems, and manage sophisticated production processes.

Dr Arshad Shahzad

Head of Department


The vision of Department of Engineering Technology is to become a national model for the delivery of high-quality, affordable, technically-oriented education by focusing on student-centered learning and the integration of hands-on laboratory and industry-based experiences. Within this mind, we have created undergraduate programs in engineering technology that provide the practical experience in demand among employers as Technology Leaders.


To educate and train students in order to enhance their professional knowledge by providing them an excellent background in problem solving, analytical design and Research and Development. To inculcate among the students ethical values and dignity of labor necessary to work in competitive professional environment.


  • Graduates of Department of Engineering Technology program at the University of Faisalabad will have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to make tangible contributions in the society.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and interact responsibly with colleagues, clients, employers and society.
  • Contribute new ideas and innovations that empower advancements in their profession.
  • Production of potential knowledge creators and learners of emerging and future technologies, leaders and principals of national and international industry.

About Us

Department of Engineering Technology offering

• Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Technology

• Bachelor of Civil Engineering Technology


The Department of Electrical engineering technology (BSETE) is an engineering technology discipline that implements and applies the principles of electrical engineering. It is a field of study which focuses on the applications of engineering and modern technology.

At TUF, the Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology (BSETE) integrates applied and hands-on learning with theoretical and conceptual curriculum. It provides a comprehensive study of electrical principles and practices with emphasis on the application of specific engineering techniques. It is a four-year dual degree program which prepares students for application oriented engineering technology careers in power generation & distribution, electrical systems, automation systems, instrumentation and various other control systems. This program is designed to meet the transfer and continuing education needs of associate degree graduates in BSETE or other related disciplines as well as to address the industry needs for graduates with sound and current skills in Electrical Engineering Technology. Throughout the program, students will also gain experience in safety practices, safety standards and equipment, technical writing and CAD.


The Department of Civil Engineering Technology (BSETC) in The University of Faisalabad offers undergraduate degree program. The program is aimed to train Technologists to meet future technological challenges in their fields It has state of the art labs related to designing, manufacturing and testing of all kinds of building materials as well as road materials and other infrastructural entities. It is offering a degree in civil technology which is more focused on hands-on experience. Civil technology program has a staunch emphasis on more practical contents than theory. Continuous industrial visits, internships and projects will make the graduates more suitable for modern civil technology requirements.


After earning the Bachelor degree in Engineering Technology from The University of Faisalabad, the students shall have lot of opportunities to serve the nation through various public service streams like C&W Department, Aerospace industry, Defense industry, Electronics industry, Automotive industry, Marine industry, Materials and metals industry, Oil and gas industry, Power generation industry , Rail industry , WASAs, Development Authorities, Environmental Protection Agencies, Local Government Department, Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs), Irrigation Department, Public Health Engineering Department, Pak PWD, Airport Development Authority, National Highway Authority, water wing of WAPDA and too many other nation building Departments, Project Management Units & National/ International Construction Companies.


Department Of Engineering Technology

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Student Societies

Student Societies are considered as one of the cardinal features of learning, The University of Faisalabad promotes the participation in variety of physical, intellectual, athletic and recreational activities, and provides students with opportunities to engage in the activities of their choice at various skill levels, providing virtual real-life environments that directly contribute to the development of student leadership amid increased collaboration between the individual club.

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Amna Hall, Khadija Hall, Ayesha Hall, Fatima Hall, Zainab Hall, Ruqaiya Hall, and TUFIANS are hostels having furnished rooms to accommodate more than 1200 students. These halls provide a number of facilities including TV lounges, common rooms, study rooms, Wi-Fi, prayer rooms and kitchens. All students residing in the hostel are expected to conform to rules and regulations framed from time to time.


Food catering service having a wide range of quality snacks and meals at modest prices is available throughout the day.


Branches of Habib Metropolitan Bank are opened for facilitating the students and employees of the university in making financial transactions. ATM machines are also installed in the University.


The university has out-sourced transport to facilitate students in their pick and drop from and to the University.