Scholarship and Financial Assistance Policy


The University of Faisalabad is a well known seat of higher learning in Pakistan. As per its mission TUF invests in the personal, academic and professional growth of students. This investment requires a financial partnership between the university and students. TUF believes that no one should be deprived of getting education merely on the grounds of inability to pay.
Following various scholarship schemes are available in TUF to facilitate the students.

Alumni Scholarship:
Alumni/ae of TUF is awarded scholarship of 50% waiver in tuition fee for further education at TUF. This reflects the significance that TUF attracts its alumni/ae, while upholding and promoting the core value of the university.

Kinship Scholarship:
The first, second and third kin of alumni/ae and existing participants (brother, sister, husband, wife, son and daughter) are awarded 10%, 15% and 20% waiver on tuition fee respectively.

Outstanding Sportsmen / Women Scholarship:
Outstanding sportsmen/women having national color are awarded 100% tuition fee waiver.

Special Person (Disabled) Scholarship:
All certified special students are given 10% waiver in tuition fee.

Scholarship for SOS Village:
100% waiver in entire degree fee for all the students from SOS Village is awarded.

Fatima, Zainab and Rafique Scholarships:
Fatima, Zainab and Rafique scholarships are awarded to the students who demonstrate academic excellence by achieving marks above 90%, between 87.5% to 89.99% and between 85% to 87.49% respectively at the end of the semester in each degree program.

Rules Governing Scholarships: a.   Fatima, Zainab & Rafiq scholarships are awarded to as many as 10% of the size of the class.
b.   Scholarship is paid to supplement tuition fee only. All other charges (where applicable) are to be paid by the student.
c.   A student is eligible for one scholarship only. In case a student is eligible for two or more scholarships, the one with highest amount is awarded and the rest is withdrawn.
d.   It is mandatory for every scholarship holder to finish his/ her enrolled program in the prescribed minimum duration of the program. No extension of award is provided beyond the standard duration of the course/degree.
e.   Award of scholarship is withdrawn if:

  • Attendance falls below 75%.
  • Student gets "F" grade in any subject.
  • Student is involved in any disciplinary case i.e., involvement in political, unethical and anti state activities etc.
  • The GPA/CGPA falls below the prescribed limit as mentioned in each clause.

f.   However, restrictions at i and ii are removed as soon as the student improves in the forthcoming semester.
g.   The policy is subject to revision as and when required by the competent authority.

Talented students who are financially incapable of meeting cost of education at TUF can avail the financial assistance/scholarships from the followings:
  1. Workers Welfare Fund
  2. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) Scholarships
  3. Benevolent Fund
  4. Fauji Foundation
  5. Madinah Foundation