• Message of HOS

    The four years degree programs in Chemical Engineering discipline has been designed to impart training to the students to make them capable to face the challenging issues of the industrial and market sectors of Pakistan

    The graduates who have obtained professional degrees from the University of Faisalabad are reported to show good performance in several industries/ institutions where they have been assigned professional duties.

    I congratulate the graduates who have obtained their professional degrees in the discipline of Chemical Engineering with high hopes of their further career. They should consider this graduation as a first step of their professional career, I hope that they will try their best for the progress of this developing nation and pray that we will achieve the status of developed country.

    I hope that these graduates will work hard with zeal and enthusiasm to perform their duties in the various Chemical disciplines, where they are employed.  This will bring a good reputation to this University of Faisalabad and it will also have a way for the future graduates to secure jobs in industries with confidence.

    I would like the Alumni to come forward and make Alumni Associations more active. The well functioning Alumni Associations cannot only establish links between the University and the various business organizations, but they can also become useful platforms for fund raising and introducing TUFIANS to potential employers.

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