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The University of Faisalabad is one of the leading research institutions in the region, with the signified impact both nationally and internationally. Our mission is to create a supportive avenue for the researchers, innovators and learners to do what they want to do with an advanced understanding of knowledge. Our work support, fosters the research of innovative culture and activity of our faculty and students across the entire University.

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Repository of Research Synopses presented to the Board of Advance Studies and Research

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Academic research in all areas extends the frontiers of human knowledge. The fundamental process of discovery provides us with a deeper understanding of the world and its cultural, social, natural and engineered systems. The University of Faisalabad’s Office of Research provides programs and services to support faculty and staff in their research efforts. The office invests in research initiatives, promotes our research among sponsors, and provides services that make certain that TUF achieves the highest standards in international research.

ORIC dedicates to:

Provide a sound and supportive research infrastructure, improve research services by meeting challenges through innovative interdisciplinary team efforts and creative problem solving, provide quality incentives to researchers, who, in turn, will generate high standard research, assess policies and targeting trends in research in order to advance and achieve institutional initiatives, maintain the highest standards championed by the research administration profession to ensure the responsible conduct of research, promote initiatives for public and private partnerships that will enhance the well-being of people in our community




Our vision is to develop a viable and sustainable mechanism that should assure the quality of higher education learning in The University of Faisalabad in achieving the status of world class renowned institution of teaching.


Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of education and student learning through systematic procedures of collecting and analyzing data and monitoring, reviewing the progress of teaching and research activities under Higher Education directives to ensure that quality standards are being met.


Journal of University
Medical & Dental College

Journal of University Medical & Dental College, JUMDC, is the official peer reviewed Journal of University Medical and Dental College; a consistent college of The University of Faisalabad. JUMDC is open access journal being published quarterly.



Following the vision of its founder Chairman Mian Muhammad Saleem (Late) 'Industry, Service & Education', Madina Foundation has established University Medical and Dental College in Faisalabad, established Medical College in 2003 to fill this vacuum in the medical education in Faisalabad. Since beginning, the College has strived hard and under the table, dynamic leadership and guidance of our present Chairman, Mian Muhammad Hanif, has achieved unique honors and distinction.