Pro Rector


I certainly take pride in leading The University of Faisalabad – an institution of higher learning which aspires to foster academic values of innovative teaching and learning. We, at TUF, look forward to envisaging a culture of research for braving through the challenges faced by Pakistan.


Imbued with the mission of inculcating love for mankind and a sense of responsibility towards our homeland, TUF draws its primary inspiration from the Islamic fundamentals of mutuality and brotherhood. With this, we are fully poised to seek excellence in education and research which, in turn, futuristically leads our students towards innovation, endeavor and leadership. Stationed in Faisalabad, Pakistan’s Manchester and its hub of industrial enterprise, we provide a platform where students
may choose to excel in fields ranging from Allied Health Sciences to Engineering, Business Administration to Computer Sciences, and Islamic Studies to Management Sciences. Forging headways in all these and some other diverse fields, we look forward to enabling our students to meet various challenges both at national and global levels. For achieving this, our hierarchy of professional teachers is uncompromisingly committed to impart academic excellence and expertise in research.


With an ingenious team of academicians and prospects for a most desirable, inspiring and enthralling journey of learning, I welcome you to TUF. I do hope that your tenure with us will transform you into combative leaders and well-rounded individuals who have the guts to positively exploit all that they
have. With us at TUF, you will brace yourself for becoming most promising citizens of the country who are devoted to the cause of both their individual growth and that of humanity at large.


Prof Dr Zahir Javed Paracha
Pro Rector (Engineering)