‘Spoken Arabic Course’ Closing Ceremony

School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences, TUF organized a two month ‘Spoken Arabic Course’ for female students in Health Sciences Campus. Closing ceremony of the course was held on July 03, 2018, presided by Prof Dr Syed Jawwad Hussain. Prof Ghulam Haider Chishti, Head School of Arabic Islamic Sciences in his address highlighted importance of the course. He told that learning Arabic would help us in better understanding of Islam. ‘Arabic is a tool that will help us to learn about the Holy Quran and our Islamic history’ he added.

Guest of Honour, Dr Najma Bano, Head Department of Arabic, Government College Women University Faisalabad in her address appreciated the management of TUF for organizing such a useful course for females. The participants of the course ware awarded with certificates.

Weekly Islamic Seminars

As mission of TUF is to pursue excellence in education & research with a futuristic approach and inculcate among the youth qualities of leadership and innovation guided by the teachings of Islam, School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences organizes Islamic seminars for the character building of TUFIANS. Following seminars were conducted during the month of June.

Death anniversaries of Hazrat Musa Kaleem Ullah (Alaeh-i-Salaam), Um-ul-Momineen Syeda Ayesha  (Salam ullah Alaiha), Um-ul-Momineen Syeda Sauda (Salam ullah Alaiha),  Hazrat Abdullah bin Abdulmutlib (Alaeh-i-Salaam), Hazrat Abu Huraira (Razi Allah Ta’ala Anho),  Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar (Razi Allah Ta’ala Anho), Imam Ibn-e-Maja  (Alaeh-i-Salaam), Imam Abu Daoowd (Alaeh-i-Salaam),  Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar (Rehmat-Ullah Alaih), Sultan Mehmood Ghaznawi (Rehmat-Ullah Alaih),  Hazrat Ismaeel Shah Bukhari (Rehmat-Ullah Alaih (Karman Waley)  and Shahadat of Syedna Ameer Hamza (Alaeh-i-Salaam).


Islamic Seminar

Religious Society of TUF organized a seminar on death anniversary of Ummul Momineen Hazrat Umm-e-Salma (Salam-Ullah-Alaiha) and birth anniversary of Syedna Imam Hassan   (Alaeh-i-Salam) in Health Sciences Campus on May 24, 2018.

Students from School of Islamic Sciences delivered comprehensive talks on the holy lives, characters and teachings of both great personalities.

No Tobacco day

To mark the world no tobacco day a seminar was organized by the Department of Community Medicine in The University of Faisalabad. In his key note address Prof Dr Zahid Masood, Head, Department of Community Medicine, spoke about the effects of tobacco on heart. Smokers were 4 times more likely to suffer from heart attacks and stroke, he added. Dr Masood further said that 2 million people die every year due to heart diseases due to smoking worldwide. He disclosed that every day 1200 school going children start smoking everyday in Pakistan. Moreover, number of girl smokers has jumped from 6 % to 19.6% in Pakistan. Pro Dr Muhammad Saeed, Prof Rector TUF was the chief guest. He focused on the economic and social aspects of smoking. He suggested that women can play a key role curbing the increasing tendency of smoking. Talking on the occasion Dr Uzma Sagheer spoke on the theme of 2018 “Tobacco breaks heart”. She added that in Pakistan cigarette was cheaper than a loaf of bread. Ms Khadija, 4th Year MBBS student highlighted the fact that according to WHO there was 10% increase in number of smokers in Pakistan in last decade. Large number of students and faculty members attended the seminar.

Final Project Display by BBA –

Final Project Display and Viva Voce of BBA 8th Semester was held in Health Sciences Campus. Professor Dr Muhammad Saeed Pro Rector along with Dr Shahzad Iqbal, Head, School of Management Studies and Syed HM Gillani, Deputy Director QEC visited the stalls and appreciated the efforts of students. Pro Rector highlighted the essence of entrepreneurship and  advised the students to covert their business plans into real businesses to make their contribution towards the country’s economy.

Scholarship Ceremony

Rewarding talent and promoting competition through incentivised education and counselling, raising future leaders by instilling in them the will to win and thus be on the victory stand is an obligatory cause of The University of Faisalabad. Scholarships award ceremony for the students, held at Engineering Campus, The University of Faisalabad on May 15,2018 wherein worthy Pro-Rector Dr. Zahir Javed Paracha presided over and distributed the meritorious Scholarships and Certificates among “Tuffians par excellence”. The stupendous ceremony was held in Mukhtar auditorium that ended on national anthem of Pakistan.

A Workshop on ” Enhancement of Teaching Skills using Total Quality Management (TQM)

A Workshop on ” Enhancement of Teaching Skills using Total Quality Management (TQM) was organized by Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) and Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) under the umbrella of Professional Competency Enhancement Program for the development of all schools of TUF, on May 12, 2018 at Health Sciences Campus. The guest speaker Mr Ashfaq Ahmad delivered a comprehensive lecture to facilitate all the participants, to raise the quality standards of education. Chief Guest, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed appreciated the motivating style of the speaker and encouraged all the teachers to apply TQM techniques in their practical life.

Spoken Arabic Course Launched

School of Arabic & Islamic Studies has launched 2 months Spoken Arabic Course for females in Health Sciences Campus. Inaugural ceremony held on May 07, 2018. Prof Ghulam Haider Chishti, Head of School in his address told about the importance of this useful language program for the females. Ms Humera Khalil is coordinator of the course.