Workshop on “Research Methodology”

School of Arabic and Islamic Sciences conducted a workshop on “Research Methodology” in Health Sciences Campus on January29, 2019. The facilitator, Dr Ammara Rehman guided the students about use of different softwares in Islamic research.  She also told about useful websites and links.

Blind Women Cricket Teams of Nepal and Pakistan visit TUF

International Blind Women Cricket Teams of Nepal and Pakistan visited The University of Faisalabad on January 30, 2019.  Syed Sultan Shah, Chairman, Pakistan Blind Cricket Council and Major Pawan Ghimrie, Chairman Nepal Blind Cricket Council were also present. Captains of both teams cut the ribbon to inaugurate TUF Interdepartmental Cricket Championship 2019.

After the march past participated by TUF teams and guest teams, national anthems of Pakistan and Nepal were played.

Muhammad Haider Amin, Chairman BoG, TUF and Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro Rector  welcomed the both teams in Faisalabad and appreciated the talent of brave blind girls. Mr Pawan and Syed Sultan Shah acknowledged the efforts of management of TUF for women empowerment.

Islamic Seminar

Religious Society TUF organized a seminar to observe Death Anniversaries of Muhammad Bin Qasim (RA), Hazrat Khawaja Sultan Ibrahim bin Adham (RA) and Sultan Mehmood Gaznawi (RA) in Health Sciences Campus on January 24, 2019. Faculty member and students of School of Islamic Sciences delivered talks on teachings and services of these great personalities of Islamic history.

Awareness Seminar “Menace of Drug Addiction among Youth”

“The number of addicts is increasing at the rate of 40,000 per year making Pakistan one of the most drug affected countries in the world. What is most disturbing is the fact that most of addicts are under the age of 24”. This was disclosed by Dr Zahid Masood, Professor of Community Medicine, The University of Faisalabad, addressing an awareness seminar on “Menace of Drug Addiction among Youth” held in Health Sciences Campus on January 24, 2019.

Delivering talk on “Meth Ice” addiction, Dr Zahid told that it is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world has finally found market in Pakistan. It’s Crystal Meth which is also known as ‘ICE’ in the market. Major portion of victims includes our youth especially students males as well as females, Dr Masood added. It knocks out the part of brain dealing with behavior and emotions. This results in weight loss, as the drug acts as an appetite suppressant, tendency to act violently, especially when they can’t access the drug, paranoia and hallucinations, loss of sleep due to a chemical disruption in their brain, skin sores, severe mood swings can simulate psychosis and engaging in risky behaviors. Those injecting this drug may acquire hepatitis types B and C, as well as HIV/AIDS due to sharing syringes. He further added.

Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro Rector TUF, Health Sciences was the chief guest. He urged the students to regularly engage in healthy activities like regular prayer, sports, poster competitions and paintings to discourage the use of drugs. Effective prevention from drugs requires younger people to have a caring and nurturing environment. Strong legislation and law enforcement was needed to eradicate the suppliers. He further added. Dr Tariq Rasheed, Professor of Psychiatry, Madinah Teaching Hospital, and Dr Uzma Sagheer, UMDC also spoke on the occasion. Large number of students and faculty members attended the seminar.

Seminar “Birth Anniversary of Syedna Imam Zain ul Abideen (AS)”

School of Arabic and Islamic Studies, TUF conducted a seminar on “Birth Anniversary of Syedna Imam Zain ul Abideen  (Alaeh-i-Salaam)” on January 22, 2019.

Guest Speaker, Dr Samreen Rasool in her address dilated upon the virtues associated with exalted personality, the sterling character, grand achievements and glorious services rendered to the cause of Islam by Hazrat Imam Zain Ul Abideen (Alaeh-i-Salaam). She also stressed upon the fact that the young generation should follow the footsteps of such noble personalities who stand out as lighthouses for all times to come.

Dr Samreen and students of Islamic Sciences also recited Manaqib of  Ehl-e-Bait Athaar (Alaehimus-Salam). Seminar culminated with Darood o Salaam and Dua.


Awareness Seminar on “Cyber Crime”

School of Computational Sciences, TUF organized an awareness seminar on “Cyber Crime” on January 17, 2019. Syed Arshad Ali Rizvi, Inspector (Investigation), FIA Cybercrime Faisalabad and Mr Zain Ali Qureshi, Advocate High Court, Expert in Cyber Crime Laws were the guest speakers. Mian Muhammad Haider Amin, Chairman Board of Governors graced the occasion as the chief guest while Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro Rector Health Sciences as guest of honour.
The guest speakers delivered compressive lectures on Social Networking Crimes, E-Mail related Crimes and Financial Crimes. They explained about the preventive measures to avoid these crimes and how to Register a Cyber Crime complaint in NR3C,FIA. Mian Muhammad Haider Amin in his concluding remarks emphasized the importance of such events for raisings awareness about emerging cyber crimes in Pakistan.

First year MBBS Students Welcomed with White Coat Ceremony

One of medical’s hallowed traditions was celebrated at UMDC, as the first year students of MBBS donned their white coats – the most profound symbol of the medical profession, for the first time.
It was a much-awaited moment for the first year students on January 14, 2019 as they entered the UMDC which they would be part of, for next five years. It was all the more special because their seniors and professors were there to welcome them into the college premises.

New students gathered with faculty and seniors for the college’s ‘Annual White Coat Ceremony’. After donning their new white coats, presented by the second year students, they recited the Oath pledging allegiance to the medical profession, their companions, seniors and their duty towards their patients. Students also received bouquets from their seniors.

During orientation and welcome program conducted in Saleem Auditorium, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Principal UMDC emphasized the importance of the white coat to the medical students and made them understand their responsibilities. He spoke of the important journey each student is set to embark upon on the road to becoming a doctor. He also told the students about performance of the college.  Maj (Retd) Izhar ul Ahsan, Registrar, briefed the students about TUF, UMDC, MTH and other welfare projects running under the auspices of Madinah Foundation.

Mian Muhammad Haider Amin, Chairman BoG, UMDC in his address emphasized the importance of medical education for serving the suffering humanity in a better way. ‘UMDC with its highly qualified and experienced faculty and state of the art infrastructure has been providing quality medical education to female students in an enviable environment’, he added.

Prof Dr AG Rehan, Medical Director, Madinah Teaching Hospital and Ms Zahida Maqbool, Additional Registrar also addressed the students.

A free medical camp under the supervision of Prof Dr Haji Muhammad Aslam was also held, where fresh students availed the facility of medical checkup.

Punjab Human Organ Transplant Authority (PHOTA) Visits

Divisional Inspection Committee representing Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority (PHOTA) consisting of Divisional Commissioner Faisalabad Mr Asif Iqbal Chaudhary, Director Health Services, Faisalabad Tariq Islam and Dr Ijaz Ahmad Javaid, Faisalabad Medical University (FMU) conducted a detailed inspection of Madinah Teaching Hospital for approval of Transplantation Centre for Cornea on January 9, 2019. MTH is tertiary care hospital, established to offer free health care services to patients in Faisalabad and adjoining districts.

During the meeting with Mian Muhammad Hanif (SI), Patron-in-Chief, Madinah Group, Mian Muhammad Haider Amin, Chairman BoG, TUF, Prof Dr Muhammad Saeed, Pro Rector TUF (Health Sciences), Prof Dr Bashir Ahmad, MS, MTH and senior faculty members of UMDC, the team was briefed about the state-of-the-art healthcare facilities provided to the underprivileged community in MTH. The team also visited different sections of the Hospital.

Mr Asif Iqbal Chaudhary appreciated the services of Madinah Foundation for providing free of cost health care services particularly corneal grafting to deserving patients in MTH.