Workshop “Contact lens fitting and assessment”

Since the lens sits directly on the cornea, it is very important that the measurements of your contact lenses are perfectly measured to the measurements of your eye to ensure a comfortable fit and prevent things like eye infections and a painful scratch on your eye.

School of Optometry, TUF once again put a jewel in jewelry by arranging one day hands on training workshop on ‘contact lens fitting and assessment’ on November 23, 2017Internationally certified contact lens practitioner Mr Muhammad Rashid from Al-shifa Eye trust, Islamabad acquainted students of semester vii and ix with handling, fitting and assessment of soft, RGP and scleral contact lens followed by a video demonstration. Ms Rubina Shah, Optometrist, National Eye hospital, Lahore explored the bloom with her experience in corneal topography and refractive surgery. Moreover, her experience in USA and Australia endowed a great inspiration for students.

Event was ended with a humorous skit on importance of contact lens handling by OD vii, cake cutting ceremony and a vote of thanks by Dr Komal Atta, Senior Coordinator, school of optometry.