World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day was observed in The University of Faisalabad on July 28, 2017. Addressing the audience Prof Dr Zahid Masood, HoD Community Medicine, UMDC stated that every 10th person in our country is suffering from one type of hepatitis or the other and the viral infection varies in severity from a self-limited condition with total recovery to a life-threatening or lifelong disease. According to medical experts, over 20 million people in Pakistan are infected with hepatitis B and C virus including around 15 million with C and five million with B and the disease is swelling at an alarming rate.

Owing to lack of preventive measures and treatment facilities, hepatitis prevalence in Pakistan is the highest on the globe.  WHO has given a target to eliminate viral hepatitis in next 13 years. World community responded by launching the first ever Nohep initiative which is now running successfully including Pakistan.

On the occasion Dr Uzma, Dr Hina, Dr Sehrish and MBBS students spoke on prevention and control of Hepatitis in Pakistan. An awareness walk on ‘World Hepatitis Day’ was also organized by Department of Medicine in Madinah Teaching Hospital.